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NewsNews • 11 Oct 2021

The first quadrant of OMA’s KaDeWe Masterplan in Berlin opens

Featuring a concentric void spanning six floors with wood-clad escalators crisscrossing throughout, OMA’s first quadrant of the masterplan for the Kaufhaus Des Westens (KaDeWe) is now complete. Marco Cappelletti, Courtesy of OMA Since its inception in 1907, KaDeWe has set the standard in Europe for department store customer service. In addition, its exceptional 90,000 square meter size distinguishes it as the largest building of its kind on the continent. The OMA-led renovation and masterplan project for KaDeWe seeks out an alternative to the conventional retail model, one that redefines connections between store, customer and the built environment. Marco Cappelletti, Courtesy of OMA A project ongoing since 2016, the proje... More

NewsNews • 10 Sep 2021

OMA draws from adjacent dome interior to wrap Audrey Irmas Pavilion with 1,230 GFRC hexagonal panels

Renowned architecture practice OMA are nearing completion on the Audrey Irmas Pavilion, a 55, 000 square foot addition to the Wilshire Boulevard Temple's downtown Los Angeles Campus, L.A's oldest Jewish congregation. The project marks OMA's first cultural project in LA as well as OMA New York's first religious commission.    Jason O’Rear Named for its lead donor, life-long congregation member Audrey Irmas who launched the capital campaign for the project in 2015 with a record breaking $30 million dollar gift, the Pavilion is expected to open in January 2022 on Hollywood's famous Wilshire Boulevard.   Jason O’Rear OMA won the bid from a strong field of competitors in 2015 and spent the next six yea... More

NewsNews • 30 Sep 2020

OMA’s singular building design for Tencent Headquarters challenges concepts of traditional office layout

Within an exceptionally large floorplan of 180 x 180 m, OMA have designed a square-shaped floating volume for Tencent’s new headquarters in Beijing. Credit: Ossip van Duivenbode Stretching out horizontally, thousands of employees are able to be accommodated over 7 stories. The large footprint is divided into 9 different quadrants, each with an independent core. A web of intersecting ‘streets’ connect the cores together, giving a feeling of hierarchy and legibility. The floorplan is further divided into subzones, with diverse programming types ranging from work to education to play. Visual connections between the zones gives a sense of activities taking place throughout the campus. Credit: Ossip van Duivenbode A... More

NewsNews • 25 Sep 2020

195 Melopee School shows how architecture can make the most of tight urban spaces

The Melopee School in Ghent, Belgium, provides a study in how urban architecture can exploit even the tightest of spaces to maximum utility and functionality.  Designed by XDGA Architects, the school is located on a narrow stretch of land along a dock, bordered by a green area to the south, the dock to the west, a square and housing block on the north, and the harbour road to the east.  The school is part of an overall masterplan scheme by OMA which is conceived a simple ‘chop stick’ urban plan whereby dense construction is alternated with open green pockets of space. Credit: Maxime Delvaux The programming requirements for the building are ambitious and diverse, combining a primary school, a centre for after scho... More

NewsNews • 18 Sep 2020

OMA unveil their latest: the multi-tiered Prince Plaza project

OMA’s latest project in China is complete. Prince Plaza is a 200-metre mixed-use podium tower housing offices and retail space.  The building is located in the ‘Sea World’ area of Shenzhen’s bustling Shekou district.  Credit: Seth Powers, Courtesy of OMA The site offers a diverse and rich range of reference points which have informed the design process.  Framed by the backdrop of the undulating Nanshan mountains and facing picturesque Shenzhen Bay, land and sea enclose a cluster of recently built skyscrapers, themselves an extension of the ongoing industrialization of the area. Formerly a largely pastoral area, the city borders Hong Kong and was designated a special economic zone and prioritized... More

Project • By OMAOffices

Axel Springer's new Media Campus in Berlin

OMA has been announced as a finalist in the competition to design Axel Springer's new Media Campus in Berlin. As one of three practices, OMA is entering the final stage of the competition. The winner is due to be announced in the new year following a series of public consultations. All proposals are currently exhibited at the Deutsche Architektur Zentrum (DAZ). Springer has launched a corporate move from “print” to “digital media” – in which our building will act both as a symbol and a tool; a palace to lure the elite of (Germany’s) digital Bohemia to its compound in Berlin. The genius of print is that it is a cheap, physical, hyper-accessible embodiment of a complex collective effort, for which so far the digital has been unable t... More