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Product • By PolygroupRaised access floor Gamaflor Pac finished with carpet

Raised access floor Gamaflor Pac finished with carpet

POLYGROUP has developed and designed the technology and necessary processes to offer raised access flooring systems carpet finished from factory. It is commonly used when an acoustic floor covering is needed mostly in office spaces, cultural buildings, theaters, auditoriums, etc. The raised floor system carpet finished from factory allows full accessibility to the space underfloor (plenum) from each panel individually without removing the carpet, as each raised access floor panel is independent and accessible.  There is a wide range of carpets marketed by POLYGROUP as well as colour availability that will inspire the most innovative design concept in the building. The system is composed of high density chipboard panels and steel in s... More

Project • By jihad khairallah architectsOffices


This rough space has the special gift of an industrial yet monumental aesthetic, a beauty that we decided to exalt through a solid balance between two simple materials wood and concrete. The workspace is punctuated by board-marked concrete columns, which have been left exposed throughout as contrast to the refined surfaces of dark afrormosia wood and white plasterwork used elsewhere. The rectangular floor plan, with its clear proportions, is designed to effectively connect working, meeting and leisure spaces through several long monumental corridors and passages, enhancing fluid interactions between employees, visitors and partners More

Project • By jihad khairallah architectsApartments

Chalet Zaarour

The interior features modern Scandinavian-style furniture and a lighter coloured timber, to make the space feel welcoming and bright. Oak timber clads the walls and ceiling to create the sensation of a "cocoon" with views of the mountain beyond, with inherent characteristics that form textures and colours while evoking sensations of warmth, cold balancing feelings of soft and hard to the touch. Concealed sliding panels, discrete hand pulls and hidden cupboards conceal storage throughout the Chalet.   More

Project • By PuertoyMartín ArchitectsPrivate Houses

'Blue House'

The design of ‘Blue House’ was determined from the very start of the process by the exposed concrete beam that runs parallel to the facade, dividing the apartment in two areas: the wide, sun-drenched space by the windows and balcony, and a long, narrow and much darker space on the entrance side.   To address this situation, we designed a ‘blue-coloured’ millwork piece along the entrance wall, extending the color on the ceiling towards the beam. This built-in piece provides with a working area, storage space, and a hidden washer & dryer set. Eventually, it could also hold an extra sleeping unit for guests with a comfortable couch below the shelves.   The open kitchen sit... More

Project • By Studio Stocco ArchitettiOffices


Mason & Associati is an accountants office located in Camposampiero (Padua), and this project presents their new headquarters. The new Mason & Associati offices implemented by connecting two existing units affect the entire second floor of a commercial-executive building in the center of Camposampiero. The adaptive reuse of the existing space led to the demolition of almost all the internal partitions that allowed to obtain an open space plan in visual continuity, while helping to clarify the transits and the definition of static and dynamic areas.   The renewed space, open to light even in the most internal environments, thanks to the continuous window tape that favors the entry of natural light throughout the day, making th... More

Project • By ZyetaOffices is an emerging Enterprise AI® and its new office in Bengaluru is all about its people. The office design resonates with the employees and gives them a dynamic work environment. The basic theme behind's office is the Eudaimonia Machine Concept. Eudaimonia is a Greek word, commonly referred to as 'human flourishing in terms of design'. Just as the word suggests, the entire office space is designed to meet the functional requirements of the company and its people.   Following the Eudaimonia Machine Design, the office journey starts with the gallery area. This part of the office serves as a hall of fame that displays the company's work, awards, and recognition. Next to it is the office reception, that gives a warm... More

Project • By Il PrismaOffices


The innovative headquarters of Sorgenia are a part of a profound business transformation in which its spaces represent a new starting point. Our task was to mark the physical space with the strength and determination with which Sorgenia is reasserting itself on the free market of energy.It was important to strengthen the relationship between Sorgenia and its employees, this is why we worked on spaces that know how to trigger a strong link between the company and its staffers, where they can establish a real sense of belonging and pride. It is part of the desire of the brand to change and give its clients the possibility to do so as well, through the choice one of the core values that Sorgenia is built on which is also directed inw... More

Project • By Storaket Architectural StudioRestaurants

AGBU 6th Floor

The main idea of our design concept is to use the incredible views that open from the rooftop of the AGBU headquarters in Yerevan. Among all the views from different parts of the roof, is a gorgeous scene of mount Ararat with nothing in its way to block it. Mount Ararat is a snow-capped and dormant compound volcano and is a great part of the national identity of Armenians. The design includes a triangle from the points of minimum boundary of view of Mt. Ararat and people who will sit in that triangle will always be looking at the majestic mountain. More

Project • By innate studioMemorials

Black Taj

PRESENCE IN ABSENCEThe intervention attempts to celebrate Taj Mahal as an epitome of an architectural poetry and physical manifestation of a soulful proposition of the mighty builder Shah Jahan.Whereas, the Black Taj reveals its emptiness through three-dimensional spatial projection. The emptiness holds the space, where the people are purged and aligned by the ecstatic illumination and perfection of Taj Mahal.The obsessive insistence in refining the space that is bold yet calm, as a force that is able to penetrate and reveal the mystery of the human condition.The environment is conceived as an urban catalyst that creates space for people of diverse culture to exchange experiences and knowledge. Thus, allowing to appreciate past wisdom and c... More