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Il Prisma
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Energy surface

Il Prisma as Architects

The innovative headquarters of Sorgenia are a part of a profound business transformation in which its spaces represent a new starting point. Our task was to mark the physical space with the strength and determination with which Sorgenia is reasserting itself on the free market of energy.

It was important to strengthen the relationship between Sorgenia and its employees, this is why we worked on spaces that know how to trigger a strong link between the company and its staffers, where they can establish a real sense of belonging and pride. It is part of the desire of the brand to change and give its clients the possibility to do so as well, through the choice one of the core values that Sorgenia is built on which is also directed inwards and as a result benefitting its employees.

The spaces

The spaces activate the participation of the people that live in them, with flexible and efficient solutions that allow everyone to choose how and where to work. Every area triggers processes of sharing, favours innovation and creativity and accommodates generational differences.

The identity of Sorgenia permeates the new offices and is represented through “Energy Surface”, which is the concept that this project is based on. An energy wall runs through the building, enabling the communication between all floors, each one characterised by its different activities, but at the same time all united, as complementary parts of the same identity.

The experience of arrival at the new headquarters of Sorgenia is the point of intersection of the building, in which the technology, the physical and digital interaction and natural elements coexist and narrate the company’s story. This is not only a working space: areas dedicated to sports and recreation alternate with meeting and training rooms, the aim is to facilitate work production and the quality of life. The perceived energy in the new Sorgenia home is stronger than ever.


A floor for sharing.

This connecting floor is an area of exchange and a meeting point dedicated to all Sorgenia employees and it distinguishes itself by the color green, which refers to Sorgenia’s commitment to the eco friendly market.

The energy of the entire building flows into a big Break Area that stands out for its natural light and the presence of a green wall. (*qui green wall significa semplicemente parete verde, se si riferisce a una parete di piante, allora si può dire wall garden o vertical garden, o living wall, dipende un po’ dalla tipologia.)

A leisure area where one can relax and socialize, but also an area for isolation and concentration; for example the Game Room is an area for play where one can organize informal meetings, the Energy Gym is a space for recharging energies but if needed, it can house events, thanks to the flexibility of the space.


A floor dedicated to hospitality.

The hospitality floor stands out for its abundance in architectural and natural elements. Here, the focus is on the communication of the brand, works of graphic design convey Sorgenia’s ideas while the interior design manifests its identity.

On first impression, this floor conveys the energy, vitality and flexibility that permeate the building through the presence of a play of lights, a video wall and spaces enlarged through the synergy of comfort and technology.

The Welcome Area promotes the “NO” reception, designed to allow everyone to choose how they wish to be received, thanks to functions that concede two different welcoming experiences: the virtual experience that gives you the possibility to get in touch with the interested person autonomously and the physical experience that give you a more conventional welcome through the help of an operator.

Also found on this floor is the Training Room, a place for education and formation, which stimulates individual and collective growth and projects everyone’s vision towards the future.


The operative heart.

This is where Sorgenia’s competence and efficiency are celebrated, and where the raw material – the energy, is produced by man, distributed and made accessible to everyone. This is the heart of productivity of Sorgenia, characterized by the color blue, like the energy of the people that develop useful solutions for users.

*ho evitato l’utilizzo della parola operation o operative perché vicino al cuore, sembra trattarsi di una malattia, un’operazione al cuore. In ogni caso, se scegliete di essere fedeli al testo italiano, “this is the heart of operation” non è sbagliato.

A floor charged with energy, where one can happen to be working, playing, or working through play, like in the Ping-pong Area designed both for team work and for individual work, which is part of an island conceived entirely for playing, and thought to stimulate meetings.


The floor of the individual.

Sorgenia guides the client, by offering new and diverse ways of connecting, along with the freedom of choice. This is why, the “Customer floor” recreates physically the spatial metaphors that remind us of a guided tour.

The different areas stimulate the relationships and the encounters, from one-on-one meetings to more numerous ones. Thanks to movable furniture, the flexible spaces support different types of team work and with the presence of *natural light and a green area, the environment is particularly comfortable for those that use it, for both employees and clients. Here, plants and light welcome the visitors, making themselves carriers of “natural” energy.

*(ho aggiunto un aggettivo perché ci vuole, se non è naturale, allora va messo qualcos’altro, va descritta la luce, perché è speciale la sua presenza?)


Italian genius floor.

Creativity, brilliance, and above all, Italian genius for the Innovation Lab. Its design stimulates and sustains creativity, innovation and research of new solutions and strategies for the market. Yellow is the color of innovation and it identifies the whole floor. It is not a coincidence that this is where the island of strategy is found, a space dedicated uniquely to strategic and dynamic work.

The innovation lab emphasizes the birth of revolution in the field of energy. In fact, thanks to the Italian genius, Sorgenia brings forth solutions accessible to everyone and it is in this area that a part of the workplace is dedicated to developing innovative solutions on a daily basis.

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