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Creating the New-age Workspace for

Zyeta as Design and Build is an emerging Enterprise AI® and its new office in Bengaluru is all about its people. The office design resonates with the employees and gives them a dynamic work environment. The basic theme behind's office is the Eudaimonia Machine Concept. Eudaimonia is a Greek word, commonly referred to as 'human flourishing in terms of design'. Just as the word suggests, the entire office space is designed to meet the functional requirements of the company and its people.


Following the Eudaimonia Machine Design, the office journey starts with the gallery area. This part of the office serves as a hall of fame that displays the company's work, awards, and recognition. Next to it is the office reception, that gives a warm and homey vibe.


After the gallery, the next office segment is the salon area that consists of's lab room for the company's data scientists and technologists. Next is the open cafe space that is the collaborative space for the office. The open cafeteria works great for employee engagement.


As per the Eudaimonia Machine Concept, the next segment of the office is the workstations area that accommodates up to 225 workstations. The design is clean, simple and it provides an ample amount of space for every desk. To meet the different requirements of the staff, there are four variations of workstations-private workstations, ledge type seats, and height-adjustable tables.


The last segment of the office is the chamber region that is the meeting room area. This part of the office shifts from the open collaborative segments and is more work-focused.


The overall design of's office reflects the tech-driven youth culture of its employees. It is a purposeful forward-facing workspace that beautifully aligns with today's modern open space offices whose design addresses the employees' spatial requirements and meets the company's vision.


Team Credits: Rakshith Kumar, Vivek Joshi

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