Il Prisma
Il Prisma

Il Prisma

Architects from Milan, Italy
We design spaces that accommodate the contemporary way of working.

We observe people’s everyday lives, their approach to life and their work spaces in order to understand the evolving present, anticipate future trends and create environments that satisfy their standards.

We establish strategic connections between projects and missions in order to reinforce the company’s identity and to encourage involvement from the public. Our process begins by deeply analyzing the individual personality of our client in order to translate it into a unique space suitable for everyone: the work team, the collaborators, the suppliers, the partners and the guests.

We welcome our clients into collective spaces, spaces where one can immerse oneself into their work. We accept the daily challenge of designing innovative and captivating spaces where working, studying, listening and creating become central elements.

Surprise, comfort, curiosity and pride; feelings and emotions all experienced in the worksphere, signed by “Il Prisma”.

In a single word, we create engagement.
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