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Project • By mode:lina™Offices

Amphitheater in Warsaw

  Every society needs space to sit by the campfire, to talk, to listen, to see and express oneself. Brain Embassy Amphitheatre does precisely that for Warsaw. We want it to become the place of meaningful gatherings and speeches, a new symbol fo... More

Project • By mode:lina™Bars

Concordia Design Wrocław - bar and terrace

Wyspa Słodowa is quite unique spot on Wroclaw’s plan. For years it has been a centre of various events organized, independently, with help of local visual artists and musicians. Concordia Design building, conjured by the brilliant minds of MVRD... More

Project • By Smart Design ExpoApartments

Teal modern kitchen

A modern, cool-toned kitchen and dining area - that was the idea. We decided on a classic white and off-white background with teal as an accent color, with black elements for contrast.  The design is simple, minimalist even, but what sets this... More

NewsNews • 16 Jul 2020

MVRDV transforms 19th century Polish building into transparent coworking hotspot

MVRDV renovated a 19th century heritage building in Wrocław, Poland, and added an extension respectful of the existing building by continuing the same roofline and facade rhythm. The 4500 m2 coworking hotspot includes an event venue, a food hall, a c... More

Project • By mode:lina™Offices

The Power of Colors!

Totalmoney.pl is a team of ambitious financial analysts who are behind the first comprehensive comparison engine of banking products in Poland. When they decided to cooperate with mode:lina™, they wanted to create a modern office in Wrocław, wh... More
conceptual model
conceptual model
conceptual model
conceptual model
conceptual model

Project • By Just Open ArchitectureLibraries

The Book Tower of Warsaw

JOA has revealed their first-prize winning project of the competition ‘libgen: towards a new class of evolutionary libraries’ proposing an alternative library design in warsaw, poland. the new library will serve regionally, juxtaposing wi... More

Project • By Atelier Starzak StrebickiApartments

Apartment Marcel

The apartment with a view located on the seventh floor is a result of combining two flats. Its space is divided into two main and at the same time interpenetrating zones: intimate and daily.   The first one includes a bedroom, a bathroom and a... More

Project • By MAG ArchitekciResidential Landscape

Patio house in Starachowice

There is a spectacular view of the valley and the city. A modern single-family house with an area of 350 m2 was built in Starachowice, a city located on the border of the Swietokrzyskie Mountains and the Ilzeckie Foothills. The location of the plot... More

Project • By MAG ArchitekciResidential Landscape

Black Rock house in Plock

The modern house in Plock has been carefully integrated into the southern slope of the Vistula river. The elevation of the House  is made of a  dark gray stone tails, thanks to which the building looks like a granite rock lying on a mounta... More

Project • By KUMSTUDIOExhibition Centres

Centre for Literature and Language – PLANETA LEM

Individual original, unique single-family house covered with mosaic concrete SKIN and in half vertical cut dark back. All cut with white light. Two faces of the house created by the irrational division into a slant. Straight, oblique, ARTIFICIAL cuts... More

Project • By KUMSTUDIOHousing


Unique single-family house is built by three independent solids that merge into one whole. Each coated / covered with a different skin, contrasting with each other. BURNED WOOD - GRAPHICS - LINEAR COARSE METAL SHEET. Three longitudinal tubes (includi... More

Project • By mode:lina™Offices

Flokk Warsaw

The Scandinavian Flokk group, in cooperation with the Polish manufacturer Profim, has just opened its first Polish showroom in Warsaw, designed by a team of architects from the mode:lina™ studio. ‘When we were looking for a studio, we we... More

Project • By eM4.Pracownia Architektury.BrataniecAuditoriums

Science Center in Podzamcze Checinskie, Poland

Idea.The Science Centre was established as a part of Regional Science-Technology Centre. Situated next to the Baroque Mansion overlooking the medieval castle and renaissance church took the shape sensitive to the surrounding spatial structure. Being... More

Project • By mode:lina™Rural

Camppinus Park

In a Polish seaside town of Jezierzany, by Wicko lake, there is a new microcosm surrounded by trees – an innovative place which came from a passion for local traditional architecture and a need for modernity. The Investor invited mode:lina™ designers... More

Project • By mode:lina™Restaurants


MATCHA is a new tearoom in Poznań whose name is anything but coincidental. It is a place where you can try a Japanese green delicacy, served in many ways: hot or cold beverages, desserts or cakes. This venue was created out of its owners passion. The... More