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Project • By mode:lina™Offices

Amphitheater in Warsaw

  Every society needs space to sit by the campfire, to talk, to listen, to see and express oneself. Brain Embassy Amphitheatre does precisely that for Warsaw. We want it to become the place of meaningful gatherings and speeches, a new symbol fo... More

Project • By Isidoro Mastronardi ArchitetttoWorkshops

Training Center - Warsaw

In 2019, Lavazza opened their Training Center in Warsaw in a converted historic army barracks, which was once part of the city’s fortified wall. The space is located on the ground floor and can be directly accessed from the street, underneath a... More
conceptual model
conceptual model
conceptual model
conceptual model
conceptual model

Project • By Just Open ArchitectureLibraries

The Book Tower of Warsaw

JOA has revealed their first-prize winning project of the competition ‘libgen: towards a new class of evolutionary libraries’ proposing an alternative library design in warsaw, poland. the new library will serve regionally, juxtaposing wi... More

Project • By mode:lina™Offices

Flokk Warsaw

The Scandinavian Flokk group, in cooperation with the Polish manufacturer Profim, has just opened its first Polish showroom in Warsaw, designed by a team of architects from the mode:lina™ studio. ‘When we were looking for a studio, we we... More

Project • By mode:lina™Offices

ING Tech Poland

We’re TECH!  This slogan portrays what lies at the heart of the ING Tech Poland team, a team which lives and breathes technologies. This creative group of talented people provides IT and analytics services for ING Group around the world. A... More

Project • By JansenOffices

Warsaw Spire

At 220 meters, the Warsaw Spire marks the city’s new business district and as Poland’stallest building and a jewel in the crown of a series of tall building that have beenconstructed over the past decade in Warsaw.Strikingly slim and dynamic in appea... More

Project • By Piotr Krajewski - Architectural PhotographyHousing

Lighthouse Port Praski

The investment area is located in the Praga Polnoc, at the border of two separate urban fabrics – dense, historical, continuous street development of Old Praga and comb-like arrangement of residential tower blocks along Vistula River. The Monument of... More

Project • By Simple. ArchitecturePavilions

AD LIB Pavilion – Warsaw, Poland

Ad. Lib. – (adv./adj.) – from Latin ad libitumSpoken or performed without previous preparation As much and as often as desiredThe National Opera in Warsaw organizes a competition for its new urban pavilion which will hold a variety of cultural events... More

Project • By ELEMENT VISUALIZATIONSUrban Green Spaces

Vistula Waterfront Competition opens city to the r

Leading idea of Vistula Waterfront design was to refer to existing urban site by providing a composition opening towards the Vistula River and reinforcing the links with Khal’s Square. Architects wanted to create specific character of particular part... More

Project • By ELEMENT VISUALIZATIONSUrban Green Spaces

Central Square in Warsaw

Central Square – known now as Parade Square - is a Warsaw main landmark for tourists and citizens. Mostly because of its central location on the map of the city and direct relation with Palace of Culture and Science – the highest and most iconic buil... More

Project • By mode:lina™Offices

Brain Embassy

Brain Embassy offers spaces where you can work while on the move, rest by meditating or cycling. You are only restricted by your own imagination. A cooperation of Adgar Poland with mode:lina™ studio designers resulted in the Brain Embassy brand being... More

Project • By Piotr Krajewski - Architectural PhotographyAuditoriums

Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies in Warsaw

The Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies (CEZAMAT) is one of the largest investments in Poland in the field of high-tech research and development. Co-funded by the European Union, the project envisages the establishment of the network of fi... More

Project • By Piotr Hardecki ArchitectParks/Gardens


EUROPEAN PRIZE FOR URBAN PUBLIC SPACE 2012 / NOMINATION Goclaw is the largest apartment block complex, built in Warsaw between 1975 and 1990. It is currently inhabited by more than fifty thousand people. In recent years neglected urban area in the... More

Project • By Piotr Hardecki ArchitectCinemas


The building of the ‘Muranow’ cinema has been built at the turn of the 40s and 50s of the 20th century as part of the post-war reconstruction of the city. Elevations and interiors of the building have been kept in the, popular at the time, socialist... More

Project • By FAAB architekturaOffices

Foundation for Polish Science Headquarters

THE GREEN DEMEANOR OF WARSAW The vertical garden, covering front and side elevations, is a tool which allows to integrate the building with its green context. The FNP headquarters has become an element of the landscape in a very common sense.... More