Design and building is teamwork of the architect and engineer. This cooperation already begins with the design. The integral design process leads to an aesthetic solution and is the basis for a high quality economic building. Through an early and comprehensive collaboration, innovative approaches can be developed. Bollinger+Grohmann is a Frankfurt based engineering consultancy with more than 25 years experience and expertise in structural engineering and design. Founded in 1983, today Bollinger+Grohmann has 100 employees in Frankfurt, Vienna (since 2003), Paris (since 2007), Oslo and Melbourne (since 2010). We provide a complete range of structural design services for clients and projects worldwide. For years we have been collaborating successfully with numerous internationally recognised architects and strive to always provide the best solution through their creativity and technical excellence. Our scope of work includes building structures, façade design and building performance for commercial, retail and exhibition facilities as well as classic civil engineering structures such as bridges, roofs and towers. Our experience guaranties that our client´s requests and specifications are met with a high quality standard from the design process to the completion. We are accustomed to meet deadlines and specified cost budgets and to assure a superior quality