VA'astu Architecture Studio
VA'astu Architecture Studio

VA'astu Architecture Studio

Interior Architects from Perumahan Griya Mustofa Jln. Mustofa . No.45H – Kukusan . Depok . Jawa Barat . Indonesia
Vaastu has a sense of balance. The word adopted from the Indian language and is the root word in Sanskrit Wastu. The main word is choose a place of its own as a guide and passion in creating and working so as to create works of a harmonious and harmony. Vaastu is the vision of our small architectural studio to whip us create works in synergy and harmony with nature.

Each project is designed exclusively in accordance with the client's wishes and dreams. So you'll find a wide variety of styles and tastes in the designs follow the taste of the client. Vaastu team always trying mengkhayati role of its client to facilitate the design process thus creating a unique work and appropriate for them.
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