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“ Modern Tropical Home Proposal” Story.

Dear readers, we will review the work of VAastu Architecture Studio in 2017 called "Modern Tropical Home Proposal". The plan is the location of this house in one of the GDC (Grand Depok City) clusters in Depok. The architectural and interior design planning process runs for five months until the final.

The land area is approximately 120 m² with a building area of ​​approximately 200 m². The area of ​​the building is already with carport. The plan is that the old leveled building will be built new with the theme of modern tropical design.

The concept of a house is not fenced. The owner has the desire to have a mailbox located in the front garden of the house. This mailbox ornament is characteristic of the position of the house in addition to the number markings and letters of the number numbers and house blocks.

Because the width of the land is 6m, we propose the design concept on the first floor with a bulkhead-free system to avoid the impression of the carriage. The system without insulation provides the illusion of a larger room size. The second way, we apply the net height of the ceiling to the floor is 3,5m. Another bonus that is gained from the height of the ceiling is to make the air inside the house cooler. We do not use void or roof systems continuously until the second floor due to the density of space requirements so that almost all of the space is used.

The kitchen interior on the first floor is open design and blends with a large dining room. This facilitates the hobby of the wife of the owner who loves cooking especially baking cakes. So that if there are guests, the owner's wife can directly entertain and joke together with her hobby of cooking.

The interior concept on the second floor is focused on guest rooms and open theater homes. Watching is a hobby of the owner, so to accommodate it we put the room on the second floor.

On the second floor, we designed a closed balcony according to the request of the owner's wife. The owner wants the chilli room to enjoy the view out but it is still tightly closed. So we made large window openings to accommodate the owner's request in the balcony room. Besides that the balcony was designed to be able to be a space for home theater extension when the owner held a watching event together with a big family.

For home façade color selection, we use monochrome colors combined with the use of natural stone and hanging plant games to soften the building's sturdy facade.

At the Interior we choose warm colors from the monochrome group to give an intimate, clean and cozy impression. In this house there is not much detail because it prioritizes the function of each room.

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