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Modern Guest Bedroom at Jakarta . Indonesia

VA'astu Architecture Studio as Interior Design

Dear readers, here is the work of VAástu Architecture Studio in the first three months of 2017. Let's start telling about Interior Design of this guest room - the apartment.

This guest bedroom interior design project is located in one condominium unit area sudirman, South Jakarta. The total living area of ​​the guest bedroom is 18 m².

In the design, the team carrying the theme Modern Interior with wood finishing motif. Establish a design based on the client refrence photo given at the beginning of the discussion. Surely there must be slight modifications. We modify the selected colors into unisex colors (can be for male and female rooms) and size adjustments so that the shape and atmosphere of the room from refrensi images can still be obtained.

Then we continue the design of TV table and desk study. TV tables use old furniture so we just adjust. To combine the TV table and Headrboard then the study table has a mixture of materials both furniture. This is one simple way to combine old furniture with new furniture. The size of the study table to taste with simple form. The position of the study desk facing the window to give the impression broadly so that small impression breaks.

Selection of wall and ceiling blend colors still use the color of the room so that is customized is the color for the headboard. In the headboard there is no table lamp so that our sleeping lights apply to the headboard by using the type of led light in accordance with the request from the client.

In this article we include refrensi image from client so readers can see progress until final design. Hopefully this article will inspire readers who are looking for inspiration for the interior of his bedroom.

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HPL wall finishing (interior walls
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