Design Proposal for the Independent Research Offic

Design Proposal for the Independent Research Offic

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Design Proposal for the Independent Research Office - Pejaten. South Jakarta

VA'astu Architecture Studio as Interior Design

This interior design planning proposal was carried out for 2 months. Before starting the design process, we conducted a survey to the location to find out circulation patterns and understand the support space needed.

The first discussion is the receptionist. The interior of this room was chosen using marble, wood and batik stamp which was arranged to give ethnic emphasis in a limited-sized room. at the reception desk a section is allocated for displaying published research books.

Continue to the research room. The highest number of staff is junior researchers. In the research room, bookshelves were prepared for books used as reference materials for their research. The facilities that distinguish it from senior research spaces are the presence of a relaxing corner. Facilities that are both in the junior and senior research room are stationery cabinets, photocopiers, printers and dispencers. All are concentrated on one side only in the whole space of senior and junior researchers.

Especially for coffee machines, placed adjacent to the mushollah area. The position of the mushollah room is almost in the middle of the entire room.

Continue the large meeting room. This room has three functions, namely a meeting room, a press conference room with reporters, and a seminar room. Total capacity is 50 people. In the front area of the meeting room, the floor is raised for a small stage room. Because of the limited size of the room, the meeting table uses glass with stainless steel frame. This is to give the impression of a larger room. The projector's machine is placed hanging on the ceiling with a range of cables to the meeting table.

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