by Mutina
  • Artisanal extruded partition elements, 10cm thick
  • Both residential and commercial
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • 20,5 x 26,5 x 10 cm (8” x 10” x 4”)



Product Name
Patricia Urquiola

Product Type

Ceramic wall tiles

Product Specs

Ceramic, Terracotta
Brown range


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Mutina and Patricia Urquiola wanted to reprise the traditional artisanal production process typical of terracotta. Elements which come out from earth, imperfect and solid, marked by the hand of man and by time passing. Roof tiles, bricks, hollow bricks and partition walls are undone, unstructured and reinterpreted in a new way, keeping a traditional touch. 

The wish to exit from two-dimensional spaces typical of standard wall covering, is translated into the experimentation of three-dimensional bricks, which gives shape to new design elements, whose high aesthetic-functional content enables limitless solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Because of its shape, the partition element Celosia evokes the Roman numbering system. The structure followed for its installation creates dynamic and unique partitions.


"I needed a real tactile material, which did not pretend to be anything else. I was looking for a warm element, both visually and to the touch." 

- Patricia Urquiola


Artisanal extruded partition elements, 10cm thick. These elements must in any case comply with the technical standards of construction regulation, applicable in the country where they are installed. For the Italian national territory, in particular, they should comply with standard NTC 2018 DECRETO MIN 27/01.

This product is suitable for both residential and commercial areas, to be installed in walls with a maximum height of 4mt. In order to achieve an optimal aesthetic outcome we advise to install Celosia using our wooden profile. A top profile with removable sides is provided for ceiling fixing. The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas complying with UNI EN 722-22 marked “F1 - moderate exposure”.

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