Diffrient World

  • Minimal maintenance and repairs
  • Weight-sensitive recline
  • Ergonomic



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Diffrient World
Niels Diffrient

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Simplicity is at the core of Humanscale products. Each of our designs is incredibly easy to use with the fewest parts and controls possible. All this is achieved while offering the highest levels of performance and functionality. That commitment to simplicity led to the development of Diffrient World: a high-performance task chair that fits one or 1,000 users. From design legend Niels Diffrient, the Diffrient World chair features an unprecedented combination of performance, sustainability and simplicity in a task seating solution

-With its weight-sensitive recline, the Diffrient World chair automatically supports every user at every recline position. And its Form-Sensing Mesh Technology provides tailor-made lumbar support without external devices or manual controls.

-The Diffrient World chair has just two manual settings, one each for seat height and seat depth. All other fittings and adjustments are automatic

-In stark contrast to other chairs, which require many adjustments, Diffrient World achieves the pinnacle of simplicity of function. Users can take full advantage of its ergonomic benefits the moment they sit down, without even thinking about it.

-With just eight major parts, Diffrient World is built to last. Requiring minimal maintenance, Diffrient World comes with a 15-year warranty. In other words, the chair’s simplicity reduces the need for ongoing maintenance and repairs, making it even ea

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