Light Fields

by Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh

"The name LIGHT FIELDS evolution says it all: the luminaire is entirely dedicated to progress and further development. The design is minimalist and consistently uniform for all models. LIGHT FIELDS evolution is impressive not only in visual terms but




Light Fields
Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh

Product description

"The name LIGHT FIELDS evolution says it all: the luminaire is entirely dedicated to progress and further development. The design is minimalist and consistently uniform for all models. LIGHT FIELDS evolution is impressive not only in visual terms but also in terms of technical features: the luminaire is fitted with innovative technologies and always provides perfect, glare-free light. At the same time, it is efficient and flexible: qualities by which the new generation stands out as contemporary office lighting system that provides perfect lighting conditions for many situations."

Clear design.

Maximum lighting quality. 

Suspended from the ceiling, the LIGHT FIELDS evolution pendant luminaire cannot fail to impress on account of the perfect interplay of indirect and direct light. Its large direct light component of 80 percent provides sufficient vertical illumination while significantly reducing energy consumption. Its indirect light component of 20 percent ensures perfect quality: the ceiling is brightened up pleasantly, the gentle transition between the luminaire and the background providing good ergonomic compatibility. The light source, which is fitted with innovative LitePrint® waveguide technology (patent pending), remains concealed despite its minimum height and delicate frame. This means that the high luminance of the individual LED lighting points is resolved perfectly. Featuring a slim-line, minimalist unit made of high-grade aluminium, the pendant luminaire can be easily integrated into contemporary office interiors. 

High-quality lighting that meets many requirements

Structural conditions in offices, for instance low ceiling heights, frequently pose a challenge to lighting. Where neither pendant nor recessed luminaires are an option, the problem is solved reliably by surface-mounted luminaires: thanks to innovative LitePrint® waveguide technology (patent pending), the surface-mounted luminaire provides a clear, uncluttered appearance, with a visible height of only 28 millimetres*. An additional indirect light** component of 5 percent creates a pleasant lighting corona, making the surface-mounted luminaire appear to float below a cushion of light. 

The classic

As a recessed luminaire, LIGHT FIELDS evolution provides maximum efficiency of up to 130 lm/W, effectively reducing the energy consumption of an office building. Moreover, using a concealed housing it can be installed flush in plasterboard or modular ceilings, ensuring maximum integration into the interior design. The only thing that remains visible is a 8 millimetres wide, high-grade aluminium frame, which also marks the edges of the luminaire. The luminaire is available in four designs and as a "High Efficiency" and a "High Output" model, flexibly illuminating a variety of different rooms and room situations

Skylight for task areas

In situations where task areas are confined to comparatively small spaces, efficient lighting solutions can be implemented perfectly using the LIGHT FIELDS evolution cluster version. Contrary to traditional office lighting, the cluster allows for highly targeted lighting of task areas. Bright direct light is directed downwards onto the task area – precisely where it is needed, no matter whether this is a computer workstation, a conference table or a reception area. The luminaires arranged in a cluster create a lighting scene similar to daylight, ensuring a natural, balanced atmosphere in the rooms. The cluster also fits in discreetly with the ceiling, thus becoming an integral part of the interior design.

Flexibility meets intelligence

The free-standing luminaire provides maximum flexibility in terms of interior design. The youngest member of the LIGHT FIELDS evolution product range can be effortlessly adjusted to a variety of work situations without any spatial restrictions. Thanks to its slim-line design and discreet luminaire head, the free-standing luminaire flexibly blends into the office interior. It is available with three different luminous flux levels and is effortlessly able to implement illumination of a variety of task area situations. The indirect light component, which hits the task area in an asymmetrical pattern, ensures light distribution as uniform as possible in the room. The sensControl presence-based brightness control system, which is built in as standard, ensures optimum energy consumption. Intelligent swarmControl technology makes the luminaires communicate with each other in the room and always provide the optimum quantity of light for perfect visual comfort.


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