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Several people often overlook the true relevance of ceiling lamps as a design element. The fact of the matter is that ceiling lamps influence the style, aesthetic appeal and functionality of a space or room substantially. It is hard to find a better option than ceiling lights to change the overall ambiance of a dull space into an inviting and inspiring one.

Based on style, installation, light source, characteristics and shape, classification of ceiling lights is done in many different ways. There are direct-indirect, direct and indirect options available today on the market. Another prominent classification is done on the basis of light source and most common choices available are halogen, LED and low voltage.

Various types of materials are used to make ceiling lamps including composite, glass, fabric, metal and plastic. Ceiling lights also come with different shapes such as tubular, conical, curved, square, round, linear, rectangular and oval as well. Available in a wide range of style shapes, designs and characteristics, everyone can easily find ceiling lamps that suit their needs and budget.  

There are also flush and semi-flush ceiling lamps available nowadays. Mounting right up against the ceiling, flush lights are very a popular choice that can be chosen for lower ceilings. When it comes to semi-flush lights, they leave a few inches between the ceiling and fixture to make them a perfect option for higher ceilings. Both these categories offer ambient and general light options.

Many people prefer recessed ceiling lamps that are mounted within the ceiling. Extremely effective for low ceilings, recessed lighting fixtures can be used for task or ambient lighting purposes. Offering a harmonious blend of light and decoration, chandelier and pendant fixtures are very good choices for spaces like dining rooms and kitchens. There are also track lights available today for bathrooms and kitchens that fulfill the needs of task lighting.

Manufacturer Spotlight : Axolight

Axolight offers lighting design products that combine aesthetic appeal and functionality in an unprecedented way. This manufacturer is highly renowned for providing ceiling lamps in a wide range of styles and typologies, characterized by a bold and colorful look. Personalizing every space in an admirable way, Axolight products can be found in several different glamorous finishes and materials as well.

Several factors combine well to make Axolight ceiling lamps one of the most sought after products available today. Spotless track record that spans over 20 years is one quality that differentiates Axolight from its competitors, resulting in a worldwide network of loyal customers. 

In addition to offering splendid variety, every Axolight ceiling lamp solution clearly reflects creativity, passion and commitment of this manufacturer. Putting forward a unique and innovative interpretation of objects, spaces and light, Axolight keeps on mesmerizing customers with their reliable and durable ceiling lamps.  


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