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Light Up Earth

by iGuzzini
  • Floor/ground recessed LED luminaire
  • Complete immersion for limited periods, not suitable for use in swimming pools or fountains
  • Ground installation without outer casing
  • Made of body and outer casing
  • Optics with plastic lenses or anodised aluminium reflectors



Product Name
Light Up Earth

Product Type

Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor floor lights

Product Specs

Light source
Lighting type
Metal, Steel - Stainless
Silver range

The Light Up collection is specifically designed to be versatile. Designers do not have to ask themselves whether an effect can be created, as anything is possible, in any dimension, application or environment, from residential to urban. Ceiling, wall, floor and ground installations. Concentrated and open distributions with super spot, spot, medium, flood and elliptical optics. Vertical excellence with wall washer optics. Ultimate visual comfort in versions with diffused light or graphic effects with light blade lenses. Beam adjustability and accessories to construct personalised light scenarios. No limits, only an infinite degree of freedom.


• Floor/ground recessed LED luminaire.

• Complete immersion for limited periods, not suitable for use in swimming pools or fountains.

• Ground installation without outer casing.

• Made of body and outer casing.

• Body and frame made of AISI 304 stainless steel, with visible screws, tempered safety glass; A2 stainless steel cable gland complete with outgoing power supply cable of 4x1 mm² type. The cable is provided with IP68 internal anti-transpiration device.

• Outer casing made of plastic (nylon) material, to be ordered separately.

• Complete with DALI control gear (electronic control gear for ø 144 mm version) integrated i product body or contained in IP68 separate power-supply box (adjustable versions).

• Optics with plastic lenses or anodised aluminium reflectors.

• Adjustable versions with patent-pending Twist&Tilt external aiming system, without opening the product, complete with graduated scale to keep aiming direction unchanged. 

• Internal optical accessories for fixed optic versions with reflector: refractor, louvre and soft lens filter.

• Temperature of contact < 40°C.

• Static load resistance 5000 kg.

• All external screws are in A2 stainless steel. 

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