Way. A design with well-defined proportions, minimalist contours and a sophisticated range of finishes and colours. These are the key concepts behind the project, which completes Snaidero's design challenge that started with Orange and continued with Code. The goal was to develop a modern, integrate

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Way. A design with well-defined proportions, minimalist contours and a sophisticated range of finishes and colours. These are the key concepts behind the project, which completes Snaidero's design challenge that started with Orange and continued with Code. The goal was to develop a modern, integrated commercial proposal that would distinguish itself on the market while at the same time responding fully to market demands in terms of design, quality, customisation potential and competitiveness. WAY represents a pure and clear-cut architectural design. The fusion of volumes and the modularity of the units are enhanced by an apparent simplicity which is built on careful attention to detail. The main characteristic of this project is its impressively clean aesthetic and style. The design's distinguishing feature is the WAY it highlights the continuity that exists between elements. WAY is a kitchen that has been conceived with edging in mind, and thus has a clear design, free of unnecessary accessories and decorative elements. The HANDLES ADD A PERSONALISED TOUCH TO THE DESIGN aesthetic: they extend seamlessly across surfaces, highlighting the rigorous linear development of the project. In terms of materials, the handles are made from anodized aluminium alloy with a titanium finish, and they run across all of the kitchen surfaces, both on base and tall unit doors. The solid nature of the design is rounded off by aluminium profiles, which as far as the tall units are concerned, can extend horizontally as well as vertically. This is a touch of class which unfolds across the whole composition, completing and enriching it. With its rigorous technical details, but also, and more importantly, its relaxing and natural touch to home ambience, WAY's design aims at creating a contemporary, timeless elegance based on a continuous search for materials and finishes capable of reproducing natural atmospheres. WAY favours finishes such as wood combined with sophisticated and yet not prevailing nuances offered in a wide variety of colours and manufacturing technologies, ranging from lacquered and metallized lacquered solutions to the innovative and exclusive mica lacquering, which gives surfaces an extremely discrete preciousness. The project dons domestic settings with both traditional and innovative materials, providing a range of over 100 door versions with different colours and finishes: a product that meets modern needs to customize spaces. A definitely elegant look for the WAY product range with the smoked oak door with an extremely natural finish, it has the benefit of offering sophisticated colour variations obtained thanks to a SPECIAL MANUFACTURING PROCESS: smoked oak is obtained by subjecting raw oak to a special treatment that turns oak's greenish-yellow colour into a natural colour varying from light to dark brown, almost black. The treatment consists in smoking the raw material with ammonia in special rooms where wood is subjected to the action of ammonia. This accelerates the colour variation process, until the desired colour is obtained and highlighted by the wood's characteristics (grains), reminiscent of naturally aged oak. At the end of the treatment, a good ventilation of the wooden material removes traces of ammonia. The wood is then processed as untreated oak and finished-painted with a clear matt varnish with virtually no colour to maintain the natural tonality the wood has taken on and the natural colour variations of smoked wood. WAY provides a wide and sophisticated range of wood finishes, which include the elegant cinnamon walnut and pure oak finishes for more natural and northern suggestions. From a strictly design point of view, WAY's technical concept offers an EXTENSIVE LAY-OUT flexibility that allows for a free and creative approach to domestic areas, thanks to the option of choosing either a horizontal profile design, expressed with reduced-height wall units and the horizontal continuity of the profiles of the base units and tall units, or a vertical profile design, suited to those who choose to make full use of space in height. All this is possible by working with base, wall and tall units featuring custom standards that allow for endless design solutions with a great value placed on storage space because of the unit's flexibility in height and width. This is how WAY's great functionality expresses itself through full-height wall units, single-door tall units that open on to spacious larders, along with original island and peninsula arrangements. As this is a project intended to express contemporary living, WAY also provides continuity with the living area through an extremely versatile boiserie element that can be matched, integrated or placed in contrast with domestic spaces; a variety of materials and surfaces that strengthen the room's character. The shelves feature an integrated LED lighting system and the back panel is available in all the finishes available for the doors. The table can be made to match with the wooden finish of the doors or, alternatively, it can be constructed with any of the materials available for the worktops. It can be ordered with custom-sized length and 70 cm or 90 cm depth. The new wall units with black glass doors are extremely elegant. The translucent properties of the backlit glass panels enliven the objects housed inside and convey a sensation of refined elegance. The design of the hood for island turns into a distinctive furnishing element, thanks to its soft contours and Snaidero patent integrated technology. Its asymmetric forms enhance the luminous panel located in the lower section that conceals the perimeter extraction system. The entire surface is made of curved black glass and appears to hang in air thanks to the innovative tie-rod fixing system. The extractor hood is equipped with a modern touch control pushbutton panel incorporated in the glass. Moreover, the extractor hood comes with the innovative controlled bipolar ionisation technology. Ions are often referred to as "vitamins of the air" thanks to their beneficial effects on the quality of the air - they eliminate polluting agents - and on the energy and well-being of people and other living beings (plants and animals). Thanks to the presence of ions generated by this technology, air can be treated and purified to create a healthier living environment. The natural process whereby ions are produced and diffused in the air by waterfalls, sea waves, lighting and perceivable in the pure high-mountain air, is reproduced in the new Spring extractor hood through a bipolar electric field applied to the air flow generated by the hood. In particular, ionisation allows for eliminating odours in the kitchen as it eliminates the organic molecules suspended in the air. Moreover, it neutralises volatile organic compounds by transforming them into CO2 and water; it deactivates viruses, bacteria and allergens by breaking their external membranes, it deactivates mildew, fungi and spores, neutralises tobacco smoke and eliminates particulate. The ionisation function can be activated regardless of the need for eliminating cooking odours, in order to purify and sanitise the environment. This allows for achieving clean and healthy air without having to use chemical products or UV technology. The sensor housed in the extractor hood detects the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOC), odorous gases, for example formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, ammonia and any other pollutant in the air: it is therefore an excellent indicator for measuring the fluctuations in the domestic air quality. This data is reflected in the colour of the leaf on the pushbutton panel that gradually turns from yellow to green as the conditions improve Focus on aesthetics and stylistic harmony, whilst remaining at the service of functionality, as always at Snaidero: available interior fittings vary in terms of finishes and purposes, thanks to the two series of fittings, Natural and Elegance. The former has white painted steel drawers and baskets with bottoms with a light ash wood-imitation finish; the latter features stainless steel drawers and baskets with a dark ash wood-imitation finish. They come with a wide range of accessories made with either dark or light solid ash wood: spacious, well-organised, functional, clean, they meet the various needs of those working in the kitchen, so that everything is always in place and within easy reach. Last but not least is Way's "green" vocation: a kitchen with a forward look, as its design is based on quality criteria that protect the environment by improving the quality of life inside the home. WAY uses eco-friendly wood from reserves certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which establishes the right balance between tree-cutting and forest planting. More importantly, for the carcase of the kitchen it employs a LOW-EMISSION PANEL with wood particles with very low formaldehyde emissions – which have been drastically reduced to less than half of the E1 European standard. With WAY, Snaidero wanted to create a project where the rigour of the shapes and design of the storage volumes allowed to offer an ergonomic and functional kitchen whilst bearing in mind the love for a discreet form of beauty pursued through harmonious and natural combinations, for an absolute form of elegance. TECHNICAL DATA 22mm-thick door with recessed aluminium handle with aluminium finish combined with an aluminium profile available with white powder coating, black or aluminium satin finish and anodised titanium finish. There are 100 available finishes that allow positioning the product on as much as 8 different price ranges: melamine, glossy laminate, wood veneer, matte and glossy lacquer, glossy monolacquer, matte and glossy metallized lacquer, Micalized, glossy and frosted glass. Side end panels of the composition available with 1.2 cm and 7.5 cm thickness: sophisticated detail with profile of the base units and tall units that continues vertically or horizontally also along the panel at the end of the composition. New white or black tempered glass Spring extractor hood with ionisation system for purifying the air. Perimeter extraction. Touch control + leaf sensor. Neon-lit. Combined filter, renewable, carbon + zeolite. Metal filter Wall units and tall units with a flexible development in height and width allow for compositional solutions that make full use of available space. Boiserie element available in all the door finishes with 3 cm-thick shelves with variable depths. Worktops with a thickness that varies between 1.2, 2, 4, 6 cm and available in laminate, marble, quartzite granite, steel, quartz stone, solid surface and glass. Internal and external fittings available with dark or light ash wood combined with the Elegance or Natural series of drawers and baskets. Carcase available in two elegant finishes: Igloo White or Texture Grey

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