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All about Glazed Partitions


A partition or partition wall refers to an interior barrier or a wall dividing a room. A partition can also be used to divide the area of a building or enclosure. Among partition walls, glazed partitions are gaining in popularity due to their optimal transparency and eye-catching sophistication. In addition to offering transparent elegance, glazed partitions are inexpensive and create an impression of spaciousness and airiness.


Glazed walls offer a perfect incentive wherever elegant transitions are needed from one room to another. Glass partitions are highly favored in office spaces due to their ability to maximize space and natural light. Frameless glass partitions create impressive and practical office space division. The soundproofing properties of glazed partitions allow employees to work undisturbed, which is perfect for an office environment, while still feeling included their surroundings as opposed to the obstruction created by concrete walls, for example.


Without making use of any construction work, layout of an open plan office space can be changed with glazed partitions. Extremely affordable, glazed walls are extensively used to improve the functionality of a space. Natural sun light easily flows through these walls to create a bright environment. Due to a brighter and more energetic ambiance, the productivity of employees improves considerably.


Glazed partitions are highly energy-efficient and cut down energy bills significantly. Visually impressive and highly functional, glazed walls are one of the most versatile and flexible interior partition solutions available today. A space can be modified without even causing slight harm to a building structure. Whenever needed, these types of partitions can be easily removed or rearranged.


Modern glazed partition products feature numerous different styles, designs and colors, along with different glass types that can be selected. Highly practical and stylish, space becomes more inviting and leaves a positive impression. Maintenance stays at a minimal level with glazed partitions. Strong glass partitions also ensure better protection for inhabitants.   


Manufacturer Spotlight : Maars            


Maars is a premium manufacturer of partition walls worldwide. Their living walls are superior in terms of performance, aesthetics and innovation. With their standard as well as customized solutions, Maars can achieve many types of glazed partition wall solutions.


With a rich tradition and history dating back to 1946, Maars has been a renowned manufacturer and supplier of partition walls and ceilings as well as cladding solutions for the last 58 years. Their product line comprises of double glazed, solid steel, single glazed, acoustic and fire-rated walls in different designs, styles, finishes and colors. 


Maars living walls cater to the needs of a wide range of establishments including offices, hospitals, educational institutions, airports and many more. In addition to offering outstanding durability, flexibility and affordability, these partition walls are equipped with sound absorbing features and fire resistance values.


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