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Like any other lighting fixture, there are different types of wall lamps available to suit every style. Wall lights or lamps add depth to room décor and enhance the ambiance of a space tremendously. Leading architects and interior designers often insist upon integrating wall lamps into a building’s light scheme to add style and substance in a unique way.

Wall lamps are available in a broad range of styles and designs to meet several objectives. The benefits of these types of lighting fixtures cannot be restricted to decorative purposes alone. In addition to working as a decorative feature, wall lamps offer several commendable functional benefits including much needed illumination for safety and proper task lighting.

Complimenting ceiling lights, wall-mounted lighting fixtures provide appreciable supplemental illumination to any space. Another key aspect is that wall lamps create a better atmospheric effect and reduce glare compared to overhead lights. Several people install these lighting fixtures to ensure uninterrupted reading. The bottom line is that wall lamps blend beauty and utility in a perfect way.

Freeing up considerable horizontal surface, a wall-mounted swing arm lamp is the best practical alternative to a conventional desk lamp in an office or craft room. Wall lamps accent artwork and architectural features in an effective and beautiful way. Moreover, wall lights are widely used on outdoor spaces such as porch and exterior wall for improving safety and aesthetic appeal.

There are many different types of wall lamp available today. The most common options include uplights, downlights, armed wall sconces, swing arm, flush mount, half moon, recessed light, candle and many more. These light fixtures can also be found in different popular styles including traditional, modern, contemporary and rustic as well.

Offering a perfect blend of utility and decorative benefits, wall lamps are a popular choice for residential as well as commercial buildings. Proper integration of wall lights into the décor makes a space appealing, dynamic and inviting.


Manufacturer Spotlight : Catellani & Smith


Catellani & Smith has been a premier manufacturer of light fixtures for the last 30 years. Combining excellent craftsmanship, stylish design and numerous functional advantages, Catellani & Smith wall lamps are loved by the people all over the world.  

Catellani & Smith offers highly advanced lighting products for private as well as public spaces. Combining emotion, ambiance, atmosphere and convenience, the tailored solutions of this manufacturer easily enhance any type of environment. Another advantage of collaborating with Catellani & Smith is their skilled and accomplished team of design consultants who can offer the right guidance and advice on the installation of desired wall lamps.

Catellani & Smith have had their wall lamps recommended on several prominent architectural projects all around the world. Another remarkable quality of this esteemed manufacturer is that most of their products are hand-made that fulfill the unique needs of various customers. 


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