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LED has redefined the concept of lighting in numerous ways. Undoubtedly, LED is a highly reliable lighting solution with excellent sustainability credentials. Highly eco-friendly, this type of lighting solution offers excellent longevity and energy efficiency. All these benefits easily make LEDs the most sought after lighting products available today.    

LED lights have many more advantages when used as an interior lighting solution in both residential and commercial buildings. Available in different types, styles, shapes and sizes, LED lighting solutions fulfill every type of need. LED also features different numerous colors in the visual spectrum ranging from deep blue to ultraviolet and luscious green that can be selected. These colors can be changed or pulsed using a control gear.

LED lighting fixtures are widely used in homes, hotels, museums, theaters, offices, bars and other commercial buildings. Highly versatile, the application possibilities of LEDs are countless. Leading interior designers and architects strongly recommend LED lighting solutions to their customers.

In addition to offering commendable energy efficiency, durability and environment friendliness, LED fixtures can enhance the visual appeal of a space. There are many innovative LED lighting solutions available today that can make spaces extremely elegant and attractive. Recessed ceiling lighting is a very good example. Recessed LEDs illuminate a space in a stylish and unique way.

Other popular types of LED lighting solutions are miniature LEDs, LED strips, reflector lamps, conversion kits & downlights, spots, candle bulbs, corn bulbs, globes, tubes and panel lights. There are also application specific LEDs that are customized to satisfy the exclusive needs of different customers.  

No other lighting solution has made a more lasting impact on the lighting industry LED lighting fixtures. Combining functional and aesthetic benefits perfectly, LEDs deliver unprecedented and exceptional interior lighting solutions for any type of room or space.


Manufacturer Spotlight : Artemide


Artemide, one of the global leaders in the LED light manufacturing sector, offers highly innovative, stylish and functional interior LED lighting solutions that are featured in numerous homes, museums, theatres and many other commercial spaces. This manufacturer makes use of sophisticated technology and interactive design concepts to deliver inimitable solutions for their customers.

Using environmentally sustainable materials, Artemide meets the highest of ecological requirements with a strong commitment to excellence. Artemide has been collaborating with eminent designers to create design icons that easily stand out in terms of quality, visual appeal and sustainability. As a part of recognizing and appreciating the tremendous contributions to the lighting industry, many awards have been bestowed upon Artemide including IF Gold Award, Compasso d’Oro ADI and Red Dot Design Award.  

Artemide LED collections blend next generation technology with ancient wisdom to offer unique lighting solutions that stand the test of time with their perfect expression of sustainable design.


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