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All about Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a wonderful addition to any residential or commercial space. Adding a fine touch of glamour, these types of lighting fixtures create a unique design statement based on the type of lamp chosen and lamp positioning within a room. In fact; floor lamps make a substantial impact on the mood and ambiance of a space.

There are many different types of floor lamps available nowadays and also enormous variety exists within each category. Style, design, finish, size, material, color and characteristics vary between different products and brands. Place and purpose of installation must be the most important considerations while selecting a floor lamp.    

For achieving bright light that can be directed to anywhere the user prefers, it is always advisable to select a floor lamp with a flexible frame. The design of a floor lamp needs to match the overall theme of a space or room. There are functional floor lamps with frills as well as visually striking and stylish lamps that provide an exclusive style statement.     

Floor lighting fixtures can be kept close to beds, chairs and sofas to be utilized as task lights. Offering excellent flexibility, floor lamps can be repositioned according to the convenience of the user. The height of the floor lamp is also a very important aspect while choosing one. Short floor lamps are not a good option for a spacious room with high ceiling because they easily get lost in such a large space. Similarly, high lamps often look heavy and strange in a small space.

Different materials are used to make floor lamps. The most common choices are ceramic, fabric, aluminum, wood, brass, bronze, steel, copper, nickel and iron. Highly versatile, metal lamps are a practical choice and easily fit in almost any room design.

There are numerous floor lamp styles available today including arc, modern, rustic, classic, console, torchiere, tree, industrial, club, glass tray and tower floor lamps. The listis endless. Important factors that influence the selection of a suitable floor lamp style are functionality, effectiveness, aesthetic appeal and personal taste. 

Lamp shades should be a top consideration when it comes to choosing a floor lamp. Floor lamps are sometimes equipped with a reflector, antique filament bulb or globe light. After carefully considering the functionality and style, the best shade option can be chosen that compliments the unique ambiance and mood of a space. 

Available in a wide variety of designs, styles, floor lamps match up with any room décor and theme. The characteristics of floor lamps also vary between different models. There are products with adjustable, custom, handmade, dimmable, swivel, modular and lantern characteristics available today.

Leading floor lamps manufacturers offer astonishing design solutions that combine elegance, sophistication, style and functionality harmoniously to fulfill or even surpass the expectations of their customers.   


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