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A pendant light refers to a single light fixture that hangs from the ceiling on a rod, chord or chain. Pendants are primarily used in two different ways in homes, offices and other types of buildings. A pendant be utilized as a single light fixture or in multiples suspended in a series. Offering excellent flexibility in terms of designs, sizes and shapes, these types of light fixtures easily meet decorative, task and general lighting purposes.

Several factors need to be taken into consideration while choosing a pendant. The most important aspects are size, suspension system, shape, style, lighting type, color, material and characteristics. In addition to illuminating a specific area of a room, pendants are also commonly used to light up work surfaces or desks.

The amazing variety allows every buyer to easily pick the most suitable pendant that meets their exclusive needs. As the smallest version available, mini pendants are basically used for illuminating isolated work areas like kitchen islands and desks. A key aspect about these types of lighting fixtures is that they make a space vibrant and lively with stylistic and elegant designs. Meeting additional task lighting needs perfectly, mini pendants create a new focal point in any room to redefine the entire mood of the space.

There are also pendants with multiple hanging lights that are connected to a central fixture. These types of products are known as multi light pendants. Highly versatile, multi light pendants are visually attractive and create a dramatic effect. These light fixtures are a very good option for spaces such as dining rooms, kitchen counters and billiard tables. Other popular pendant types available on the market are downlight pendants, up light pendants, drum pendants, globe pendants, bowl pendants and abstract pendants.   

Several different types of materials are used to make pendants including ceramic, fabric, glass, aluminum, brass, carbon and copper as well. Pendants are a perfect and powerful option to meet decorative, mood, task and general lighting purposes of different spaces in a home or commercial building. 


Manufacturer Spotlight : Zumtobel


Zumtobel is a globally renowned and reliable supplier of integrated lighting solutions. The diverse product portfolio of this manufacturer fulfills every need and offers rich and varied selection of innovative lighting fixtures that are highly durable and dependable. 

A blend of uniqueness, innovation, superior design and sustainability can be associated with Zumtobel pendants. Quality and energy efficiency are harmonized perfectly to deliver optimal value for customers. Offering the best light for people and environment, Zumtobel pendants surpass the expectations of all buyers.

Zumtobel has been a manufacturer and supplier of light products and light management systems for the last 60 years. The longevity of this manufacturer clearly emphasizes the genuine quality of their lighting fixtures. With strong commitment to excellence and an unrelenting desire to achieve optimal customer satisfaction, Zumtobel pendants can achieve all types of pendant lighting solutions. 


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