Lagula Arquitectes
Berga, Spain
Adrià Goula


Lagula Arquitectes as Architects

TYPOLOGY Effectively, this refurbishment of two apartments in Berga introduces a typology. Ah… then… but…where the hell is my square room? Believe it or not, at first glance one can be tempted to think that we are in front of a special project, site specific, tailored, unique… it is a matter of daring to propose it.

PHOTOGRAPHY Through materials one can experience a real physical sensation but materials also can provide the feeling that a dream has been accomplished. An illusion, even the lightest one, is a positive way of turning a dream into an actual asset. In the same way, the pavement of the apartments is a photography. A photography taken from the real expensive, warm, wood that everyone would like to have at home.

GEOMETRY As you go to Zara, H&M, TopShop or the same but your body is always shaped between human boundaries, just changed by ageing, eating or gym, here geometry matters as a board for inhabitans to play their life. And the bending, the curve is geometry.

Two apartments in Berga, the city that celebrates such a feast as La Patum and main city of the area called Berguedà in Center Catalonia. One of these apartments is on third floor in a building of four. This one is refurbished as a shelled bathroom, a semi-shelled kitchen, a room to-be-shelled-in and a living room alla shell. On the second apartment, slightly duplex, we find the same arrangement but with a mezzanine directly under the roof and accessible climbing a steel spiral staircase. In both apartments, kitchen and bathroom have fix amb moving parts. The fix parts on the kitchen are finished with gressite tiling: orange, apartment one, and green, apartment two. On the bathroom it is used the same tiling but white. The moving parts are the so called shells-closques. A shell is a steel structure with painted MDF boards. The shell is hinged to the walls and guided by a wheel fixed at the bottom. The three shells invite you to enter an area or helps you to stay apart. If you want to enter the apartment you push the first shell. If you want to pay a visit to the loo you move the second shell, closing with the same movement the main and only room. The third shell helps the kitchen to serve as a dining area through a hole that acts as a table open to the living room. A table, always a civilized way of eating.

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Product Spec Sheet
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