636 House

636 House

CoDA arquitetos
Lago Sul, Brasília - DF, Brazil | View Map
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Haruo Mikami

636 House

CoDA arquitetos as Architects

Located in a noble area of Brasilia, house 636 stands on a sloping lot, where the front street presents an unevenness of 1.4m, the approximate height of half a floor. From this natural property of the site came the idea of a staggered composition for the project, creating spaces on four different levels, separated by halves of flights of stairs.

The result of the composition is a solid volumetry of white boxes, interspersed by a central void, a glass staircase that suggests the movement of the people inside. The floors are arranged in two volumes of 6m wide each and they are articulated by a central void of 3m. The 6–3–6m modular sequence baptizes the house.

The centrality of the stairs assumes a predominant role in the house, guiding the circulation between spaces. Thus, each level corresponds to a new functional core, a scheme broken only by theunusualpresence of the kitchen in the center of the house - the only environment with double height witheasy access to the other rooms and the outside area.

The other areas are organized according to the proximity to the ground floor, in a gradation from the most social spaces to the most intimate. Therefore, the lower ground floor combines services such as laundry, pantry, storage and garage; the upper ground floor, social, contains the kitchen, a living room and a balcony, as well as a small office and the guest room. The third level is intimate and comprises the 3 bedrooms and a TV room. Finally, there is a large terrace overlooking the Paranoá Lake .

Even with four levels, the project proves to be compact and efficient in terms of areas by occupied spaces, a clear contrast with the mansions in the neighborhood.

In this way, house 636 presents itself as a viable alternative for contemporary  housing in the city, as it maintains a dialogue with Brasilia's modernist heritage and has a consistence with the lot and neighborhood in which it is located.


Material Used :
1. Windows and glass – Alumi
2. Stones – Monte Pedras
3. Microcement Floor – Vallori
4. Porcelain Floor - São Geraldo/ Portinari
5. Tiles panel - Cubo Azulejaria
6. Wooden lining and steps - Jovelino Madeiras

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Product Spec Sheet

Wooden lining and stepsJovelino Madeiras
Porcelain Floor Portinari
Porcelain Floor Sao geraldo
Product Spec Sheet
Wooden lining and steps
Porcelain Floor
Porcelain Floor
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