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Hiroyuki Hirai


BE-FUN Design as Architects

Architecture design for evoking various usages


A-HOUSE is a 3-story, two-family house for a couple and grandmother. In addition to the residential space, there was a need for a free and diverse space that could be used as a play space for the owners varied interests and also as a workplace.We made three suggestions for this.


First, it is to create an open large space that allows various actions. The ceiling height was planned to be 6m, and the opening was set as large as possible so that the large space will be like an indoor terrace connected to the front yard and be bright and open as the outside. Second, by the skeleton structure the plan can be flexible and extensible to respond to future lifestyle changes. The floor on the second floor has a structure in which steel beams support the synthetic slab, so that it can accommodate to future floor increases and decreases. Third, is setting a space that creates a rough and free atmosphere that evokes various usages. To remove the tension and cramped atmosphere that was born by making the space too abstract, RC frames are finished as it is, equipment piping that is normally buried is exposed and made the built- in furniture does not depend on ready-made but the precision of plywood. By doing so, we aimed to make the space with a creative and free atmosphere so that the client can easily create a comfortable space by just using it or modifying it.


This plan which responds to the diverse and fluid life, such as living, playing, and working, should also lead to residential spaces required by post pandemic and to a free and lively life.

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FacadeTOHO Leo
FlooringWoodpro Cabinetry
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