Apartment for young creatives

Apartment for young creatives

Kreatif Design
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Project Year
Iztok Hvala
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct link
Toilet, Sink - Sferra, Urinal – BigboyY00 Ceramica CatalanoSfera wc Newflush® 54x35 wall hung
Home office IKEA
Oven Gorenje
TilesModa ceramica
Kitchen Nobilia-Werke

Product Spec Sheet
Toilet, Sink - Sferra, Urinal – BigboyY00
Home office
by Faber
by Gorenje

Apartment for young creatives

Kreatif Design as Architects

Appartment for young creative couple is located in center of Ljubljana near railway station. It holds the corner position in the second floor of the building and faces the east and south. Before the renovation the apartment had wierd arrangment, because it was part of bigger appartment which was cut in half and sold to new owners. The appartment had large living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, but there was no room for sleeping.

The new layout designed by Kreatif Design has a separate bedroom and a small office (later child room), while the large living room include the dining area and the kitchen. The bathroom arrangement was left almost unchanged exluding replacement of bath for a shower. Moving plumbing too far away would cause problem in block of falts which noone wants. The bedroom is facing east, thus allowing to be waken up by the sun rays if the blinds are not shut. This room has limited furniture because the size of other spaces was prioritised to fit the needs of a working couple.

Since young people often work as freelancers and from home, the office room holds the corner position, ensuring plenty of daylight coming in through the two windows. The illuminated space would also be appropriate for a child room.

Windows are large and allow maximum daylight exposure even in the late afternoon hours, when people usually come home from work and gather in the kitchen or dining area to eat. The bathroom and kitchen are made to last, because the clients prioritised longer durability for those spaces as subsequent kitchen and bathroom renovations often turn out to be very complicated and consequently costly.

The apartment was designed to fit the needs of a modern young couple, namely, practical and aesthetic design and furniture, sustainable and quality materials in kitchen and bathroom, a lot of storage units, plenty of natural light as well as maximum efficiency in space usage in order to seemingly increase the space size.

Material Used :

1. Moda cheramice – tiles

2. Catalano – toilet, sink - Sferra

3. Catalano – urinal – BigboyY00

4. Paffoni – tap, shower

5. Nobilia – kitchen

6. Gorenje – oven

7. Faber - hood

8. Bedroom wardrobe & bed – carpenter - Janez Žvokelj

9. Hall wardrobe & bookcase – carpenter - Janez Žvokelj

10. Schrack – lighting

11. Ikea – home office

Project Credits
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