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Architect's Village - Bamboo Skyscraper - Singapore

Architect's Village - Bamboo Skyscraper - Singapore

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Architect's Village - Bamboo Skyscraper - Singapore

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Ever walk in a bamboo forest? As sunlight filters through the mist, the towering bamboo, arching overhead like a cathedral, clacks in the breeze, waving back and forth. Walk and breathe in any forest and feel the gratitude for your good fortune and remember the future of your children’s generations breathing in the vast forests of our blue-green planet. Sustainability and answers to global warming issues cannot come from just the top down. Africa is at the bottom and is not being listened to.

The planet is a global eco system and like any system it is no better than its weakest link. Africa is that weak link, it is at the bottom and must be part of the solution. We need more equal parts of top down and bottom up. A healthy ecological global environment depends on diversity. Bamboo can be that bottom up material - literally a grass roots material.

The concept for a bamboo forest comes where their distribution and height follows the plot’s orientation and shape. All buildings have perfect sunshine radiation and enjoy the best views. This distribution gives us a feeling of growth, as bamboo does. The project is seeking to achieve an inspirational, high quality Architect’s Village Bamboo Skyscraper concept, which sets a high standard of urban and contemporary high-rise sustainable design possibility in Singapore.

Our proposal provides a visual focal point, reinforcing and enhancing the urban Vertical Bamboo high rise structure design possibility for the area. Respects the context of the site and contributes to the sense of place and community at the chosen location. Reflects the natural topography of the site and takes advantage of this to provide interesting forms and vertical integration and circulation. Encourage uses, which have a direct relationship with idea of Vertical development. Is imaginative, innovative, of high quality and enhances the visual character of the area whilst respecting and adding to the skyline view. Maximizes the new development potential with attention to sustainability and ecology.

An urban village is an urban planning and design concept that refers to a form typically characterized by: · Medium density development. · Mixed zoning. · Emphasis on an urban design particularly of pedestrianization and public space. · Facilitate strong community institutions and interaction. · Provide a high level of self-containment (people working, recreating and living in the same area).

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