Atago Nursery

Atago Nursery

KEI SASAKI Architects

Nagasaki City, Nagasaki, Japan
Project Year
Kai Nakamura
Product Spec Sheet
Sanitary equipment TOTO
Sanitary equipmentInax

Atago Nursery

KEI SASAKI Architects as Architects

The concept of this project is to build a nursery according to the terrain. In other words, instead of digging on the slope and violently placing a rectangular parallelepiped building, we decided the shape of the building along the slope. This building is a nursery for about 140 children aged 0 to 6 years.

We arranged seven children's rooms in the shape of a trace of the site, and placed stairs at the place where there was a small mountain road originally. The inner wall on the slope side of the building functions as a retaining wall, and the walls separating the rooms are embedded in the direction orthogonal to the retaining wall as a rib-structure. It plays the role of both pillars and beams.

The client's request was to create a space like nature where children can play all day. So we created a variety of natural-shaped spaces by designing architecture that match the terrain. As a result, this building looks like the three-dimensional and diverse cityscape that is characteristic of Nagasaki City where it’s site.

Material Used :

1. Sanitary equipment - TOTO

2. Sanitary equipment - INAX

3. Lighting - Daiko Denki

4. Fooring - Tetsuya Japan

5. Lighting -YAMAGIWA

6. Tarpaulin –Tajima Roofing

7. Fooring –Lonseal Industry

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