Bourdages-Cloutier residence

Bourdages-Cloutier residence

ADHOC Architects
Montréal, Canada
Project Year
Private Houses
Alexandre Guilbeault

Bourdages-Cloutier residence

ADHOC Architects as Architects

Bourdages -Cloutier residence is a major home renovation where the design was developed around the idea of the duality between the stage and backstage. It is this analogy that shaped the inside of this apartment of the Masson Street in Montreal. Mainly functional, backstage contain mechanics for setting up the show. On the other side, the scene takes the appearance of an empty space where objects are meticulously placed. The architectural interpretation of the relationship stage / backstage translates into the notion served/servant spaces developed in the mid 20th century by the architect Louis Khan. The implementation of these concepts gave birth to the black ribbon going through the apartment, wrapping the backstage areas from the entrance to the bathroom, to end at the kitchen. The rest of the space is painted soberly and furbished of different natural textures. Finally, the visual identity of this project is characterized by high contrasts and offers a classic in black and white atmosphere with a chic but crude materiality.

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