Bridge House

Bridge House

Ulitsa Rozhdestveno, 5, Tulskaya oblast', Russia, 301005
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Private Houses
Ivan Ovchinnikov

Bridge House

BIO-architects as Architects

"People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges" ©Joseph Fort Newton

The client's site is divided in half by the river. On one side there was already a house, and the client wanted to put a second house on the other side. No one saw the river and the shore as a place for a house. I have been working with wood for many years and with complex structures. Therefore, I proposed to make a house above the water. To my surprise, the client agreed. The project is interesting because it is a clean and simple construction, inside which the function is located.


The internal space that was formed by the structure has become the wide open place for creative work.


All the loadcarrying structure is made of wood. There is a living room with the kitchen, two sleeping rooms with the bathrooms and sleeping spaces on the second floor of the living room.

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