Casa 14
Gabriele Rivoli
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct link
Pendant lighting - SatelligntFoscariniAplomb
ManufacturersGalassia SpADREAM
Decorative lighting – PoldinaAilati Lights Company
Bathroom cover and table - OrigamiArtesia
Chairs and stools - AcademyConnubia
Termoarredo - JazzIRSAP

Product Spec Sheet
Pendant lighting - Satellignt
Decorative lighting – Poldina
Bathroom cover and table - Origami
by Artesia
Chairs and stools - Academy
Termoarredo - Jazz

The apartment is part of a rural building. The intervention was to combine more rooms into a large living area that could contain more functions together.

All the furnishings are custom-made. The kitchen cupboard wall becomes a TV wall and a bench and culminates in the fireplace.

Upon entering, the entire living area is immediately overlooked and on the left is a empty pocket cabinet that also separates from the kitchen peninsula with the splendid retractable top hood. Continuing, leave the table on the left and then the light blue petrol sofa facing the TV and towards the bench that also allows the use of the living area as an informal conversation area at the foot of the fireplace which is the fulcrum of perspective at the time of entry. The floor is composed of slabs in porcelain stoneware with a white ivory-colored cement effect that are also spread to the walls of the bathrooms except for the surfaces decorated with hexagonal patchwork of real stone in one case and majolica patchwork in the other. Attention to detail is also found outside both in the stairway flooring and in the aesthetic and constructive research of the iron elements.

Material Used :

1. Foscarini – Illuminazione pendente - Satellignt
2. Foscarini – Illuminazione pendente – Aplomb
3. Ailati – Illuminazione decorativa –Poldina
4. Artesia – rivestimento bagno e tavolino - Origami
5. Connubia – sedie e sgabelli - Academy
6. IRSAP – Termoarredo - Jazz
7. Galassia – Lavabo - Dream

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