Casa LV35

Casa LV35

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos
Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Project Year
Private Houses
Frank Lynen

Casa LV35

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos as Interior design, Architecture

This project is located inside a complex with houses that have as design guideline for the façade the Tuscan style, the intervention was done mostly in the interiors of the house. The project designed by Serrano Monjaraz arquitectos shows a contemporary look with an elegant materials palette such as marble, wood and leather that cover floors and walls. The mayor part of furniture and luminaries were selected and imported specifically for this client.


The double height access hall was framed by Deep Grey marble cartouches that stand out because of the indirect lighting they have, furthermore they contrast with the White Crystal marble floor giving access to the staircase and interconnection corridor, where the studio may be seen. In the right end of this central axis there is a small hall covered with timber that hides the toilet´s door, as well as the guests closet and storage. Within the circuit of this floor there is also the family room, a social area that was thought for large gatherings and its main goal is to extent the interior of the house towards the garden where the dining room is located and the living room has splendid natural light that was carefully sieved by the selected gray curtains.


On the second level was located the private area of the house that has 3 bedrooms each with private bathroom, connected through a hall with Deep Grey marble floor and a block of the same marble finishing the space that works as limit of the double height access hall and sends the view towards the master bedroom´s studio.


The master bedroom has a grand wall covered with leather at the end of the lounge area, a bathroom with generous natural light and ventilation enjoying the extent reflected by the Carrara Fibonacci marble that covers it. The third level is centered in the family´s connection, a large space with a playroom and reading area. It is limited by sliding windows divided in 3 sections, same that connects to the terrace and opens the space completely increasing the interior exterior connection emphasized from the first level. As accent and decorative element of this area, above the staircase cube, hangs a 1.20 diameter Moon de Pallucco lamp.

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Interior design, Architecture
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