Casa PN

Casa PN

Private Houses
Sesimbra, Portugal

Casa PN

SPL - Arquitectos as Architects

This project comes from a reflection on that act of living itself, taking into consideration the various aspects that may determine whether it is the needs and wishes of its future inhabitants or by the place and environment and how these may influence the project . In this sense, and looking for a volumetric that integrated onsite, we opted for a house organized over two floors, maintaining a relationship in terms of heights, balanced with the other built environment. We also sought to protect the house from the adjoining street, thus ensuring the necessary privacy to the main interior spaces. The access to house is made by East / North, thereby releasing the spaces in the South and West areas for leisure and garden. Therefore, we propose for the North / East side, a facade quite closed, with few openings and on the other hand, in the South / West, a facade much more permeable, looking not only for a higher relation between inner and outer spaces, as well as the enjoyment of the sunlight. The entrance zone is specially designed in terms of its location, where we sought to place the lobby in a central area, thus ensuring a good distribution to the social and functional areas, as well as a small office and the stairs to the upper floor where the family bedrooms are located.

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Rotterdam Central Station by Team CS (Benthem Crouwel, MVSA and West 8)
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Rotterdam Central Station by Team CS (Benthem Crouwel, MVSA and West 8)

Shopping Centres, Subway Stations and Train stations
Rotterdam, Netherlands - Build completed in 2014
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