Casacor São Paulo 2019
Fran Parente
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Table lamp NoventadouradaLuxion
Noventa e Um
Floor lampOty Light
Pop P55 Pinocchio
Peggy SP 9 Suspension
Neolith Beton Silk countertops, fireplace and stairsNEOLITH by TheSize
Gel and hand-held aromatic balm and body soap Aesop

Product Spec Sheet
Table lamp Noventadourada
Noventa e Um by Luxion
Floor lamp
Pop P55 Pinocchio by Oty Light
Peggy SP 9 Suspension by Vistosi
Neolith Beton Silk countertops, fireplace and stairs
Gel and hand-held aromatic balm and body soap
by Aesop

Consuelo Jorge Signs Loft Refúgio

Consuelo Jorge Arquitetos as Architects

The Loft Refúgio, signed by architect Consuelo Jorge for CASACOR São Paulo 2019, marks its 14th participation in the largest architecture and decoration show in the Americas. An interactive, cozy space to reflect, reconnect and renew the energies, a representation of the desire of modern man. A unique design, where comfort and nature meet, and well-being aligns with design, providing unique sensations in an elegant and welcoming space.


The 101m² offer a sophisticated and warm atmosphere within an integrated space. Inspired by the theme of the year, "Planeta Casa", Consuelo sought to rescue nature in an urban retreat. Through references in natural materials such as bamboo and stone, a rereading was created to convey this sense of naturalness while maintaining elegance and enhancing, through technology, classic coatings.


The choice of coatings was guided by warm, earthy tones, in contrast to light gray as a neutral backdrop. The architecture of the environment has been fully planned to provide the occupant with a welcoming feeling, especially through the sloping lining of bamboo wood, which in addition to warming the environment causes a different aesthetic perception. The wallpaper that goes back to the concrete, as well as the carpets in natural fibers, national stones, linen fabrics, porcelain vases and clay, dialogue harmoniously with each other and with the architecture, creating an intimate space that serves as shelter and of protection, a haven for urban man feel in contact with nature.


Following the concept of space, at the entrance of the living room was placed a large luminous panel of DressALL, which gives balance and frames the sofa. In addition, it has a fully automated design, with dimmable lamp controls, LED driven, motorized blinds and integrated speakers. All the lighting design was developed by Elaine Pires, from Allure Lighting, resulting in a sophisticated and harmonic environment.


Visitors are welcomed by the extraordinary work of art photographer Leopoldo Plentz, entitled “ExceçãoaRegra”, which represents the counterpoint of the decorated environment. In the living room, the highlights are the sofa Fatto, produced especially for Consuelo Jorge by FK Group, owner of the brand. F.Way, company that signs the chair Appia (design by Christoph Jenni). Composing the loft with charm and valuing the green in space, are the VASAP vases, with foliations that add life and purer air to the environment.


Further on, the living room is composed by the fireplace, with natural gas from Comgás, which embraces and enhances the elegance of the space together with the coffee table, decorated by Koncepta ceramic pots. In the staircase, an art installation was created by Consuelo Jorge from more than one hundred liquid porcelain objects by produced by the artist HeloísaGalvão.


Arriving in the kitchen, integrated into the dining room, we have Kitchens' cabinet, which works the bench uniformly, using the same material, the Neolith, as a finish on its doors, providing sophistication and technology, as well as having a functional system of internal drawers for storage. Above, the bench receives the StoneCooking system, from Acabaflex, with directly integrated burners. The dining table of the MisuraEmme, combined with the chandelier of the Italian Hangar Design Group, shows the power of transforming the environment into a more luxurious place. In front of the table, attached to the bamboo panel, we checked another beautiful photograph of Leopoldo Plentz.


The main highlights of the project and the main technological resources are presented by EDM Brasil, whose launches can be seen on the side walls of the kitchen and bathroom, covered by corrugated Mykonos quartzite plates, in repeated semicircles, which present a visual sequence between both spaces, making the environments unique and uninterrupted. The marble bathtub, pre-launched at the show, is exclusively developed for the Matarazzo City, the first six-star hotel of the Rosewood Hotels & Resorts network in South America, to be launched in partnership with Groupe Allard.


Still in the bath, supported by the floor, "Gypsy Woman" by the artist and photographer Valdir Cruz, further enhances the space, along with the pieces signed by Consuelo Jorge for Metalworks, which launches the Wave linecomposed by the bench, mirror, metallic shelves and thermal towel rack with bold design inspired by organic and fluid lines, made in Corian.


The bed in the center, represents the refuge, thanks to the canopy with fabric, which brings more the sense of confort. Next to the bed, the brass foot table and Emerald Green quartzite countertop complements with the sumptuous Flos glass chandelier. Kitchens' bedroom  closet, in aluminum and glass frame, has a light clothes rack, which highlights the clothes of the Anna Vic brand, besides the work of Mario CravoNeto.

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