Picciotto Arquitectos: Francisco Vázquez y Dante Laureano

Mexican center of renewable energies

Picciotto Arquitectos, SC. as Architects

We must say that from the Mexican Center for Renewable Energy (CEMER) is intended to be a national technology center dedicated to research, development and promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency. All complemented by modern facilities to CRER become a center of reference worldwide.

But not only for the work being developed but also because of the special features that will have its headquarters to house technologically advanced laboratories.

According to the above, CEMER is an entity for:

To foster the competitiveness of enterprises in the sector of renewable energies to meet their needs through the provision of services and high value added activities and technology transfer. And promote the development of renewable energy through the generation, acquisition and dissemination of advanced scientific and technical knowledge as well as providing support to public institutions in the creation of the respective legal and technical provisions.

Some design principles:

- Generation of large facades facing south and north. - Provide greater protection in the western facade to be the one exposed to higher temperatures. - The shading of buildings and outdoor spaces is essential; therefore the buildings are grouped by mutual shading. - Evaporative cooling: through the use of vegetation. - Vehicles are provided with covers and shade areas, taking advantage of the lowlands of the buildings, which also hidden to protect, hide this space. - Use of thermal mass to regulate temperature. - Implementation of natural ventilation. - Use of a gap to minimize the impact on vegetation - Use of prefabricated to minimize the impact on the area during construction. - Use of recyclable or recycled materials. - Using materials from the site. - Integration of the landscape project. - Capturing rain. - Recycling of water. - Energy Saving - Power generation by wind and PV methods.

The Set consists of a permeable Plaza welcomes the visitor, and later a walker to enter the site surrounded by vegetation, which leads to a second large square that sits on the Administrative Tower, this tower provides four levels, ground floor for cafeteria services and showroom double height mezzanine with a business center, and miscellaneous services, the premier training center and an administrative area on the second floor is located the area of governance and finally a green roof roof. In turn, this tower is surrounded by a large deck of photovoltaic generated electricity from the city center, in addition to producing shadow over the square.

Under the plaza there is a basement building on the natural slope of the land, are located in this parking space, utilities and the library with a view of the city, and a multipurpose room, which will carry out social events as well as conferences or be used for multiple events at once.

The laboratories are located north of the ground, following the gap as a cord that weaves these five laboratories through a protected pedestrian walkway. Each laboratory shades and protects its neighbor and the two integrates contemplative garden space set as part of future growth of the whole is preparing for the growth of two labs.

The laboratory space is composed of a building with high ceilings and basements for controlled experiments in laboratories but alone if they so require.

Finally, the project includes an ecological conservation area and nursery.

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Madrid, Spain - Build completed in 2020
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