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Center for Earth Architecture

Center for Earth Architecture


Diebedo Francis Kere

Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Mopti, Mali | View Map
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Cultural Centres
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Center for Earth Architecture

Kere-Architecture as Architects

The construction of the Centre for Earth Architecture completes the series of activities the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) has carried out in Mopti, including the restoration of a mosque and the construction of a new sewerage system. The construction site lies on the edge of a lake and has been backfilled so that the lakeside is now accessible to the public. The program responds to the needs of the district management of Mopti Komoguel and visitors to the area, as well as the local community. From the top of the floor barrier you can see that the building is aligned with the mosque. It has a simple structure and its height corresponds to the heights of the neighboring buildings without compromising the view of the mosque. The visitor center is divided into three different buildings united under two roofs. The walls and barrel vaults of the Center are made out of compressed stabilized earth blocks and are not plastered or painted. These are very well suited to regional climate conditions, creating a natural temperature buffer between inside and outside. The overhanging roof keeps the walls cool and provides shaded outdoor spaces. The building is naturally ventilated through openings in the walls and vaults, alleviating the need for energy consuming air-conditioning. The surrounding landscaping includes accessible public spaces and a promenade adjacent to the flood barrier.

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Burgos, Spain - Build completed in 2019
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