Child House

Child House

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Child House

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The one type of building that exemplifies iconic vietnamese architecture is the "tube house" – name of long and narrow houses. They have become a part of Vietnamese culture


Child house is a small house with an area of 4.2 x 17 m. The needs of client – a dynamic young people is a living space that has a chance to fulfill all basic living functions with swimming pool, garage and separate living spaces


The architects provide split-level floor solution, which promotes vertical functions but retains a moderate height of the building


Thelightwell at the centre of the house and behind the house give a clear solution to maximizing natural light, ventilation


Living space is organized according to the habits of client from low floor to high floor (from garage, swimming pool, to living room, kitchen and finally the bedroom)


Fixed furniture such as the kitchen cabinet, the wardrobe and the shelf are attached to the wall to save space, avoid aisles and provide ample storage. This helps the house always be airy and neat


Main façade of the building is 2-layer of rotate vertical screens. It can block most of the sunlight while allowing cool wind to enter the inner space. Besides, this also gives the facade an ever changing pattern


In a city like Saigon, where the living space is limited, we want to create comfortable living space hidden behind a “tube house”

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