CIRCLE - interior design

CIRCLE - interior design

Gdynia, Poland - Conceptualization in 2011

CIRCLE - interior design

MUS ARCHITECTS as Architects


Competition entry for Loft Design competition | Honorable mentioned

/ IDEA In the task space functional elements were detached and freely diffuse as a separate blocks. Configuration have been modified with respect to spatial arrangement , functional aspects, dimensions and ergonomics. Received composition of elements have been twisted around by thread. The thread snaked along whole apartment, wrap round the functional elements, (through) ceiling, visual fasten together all elements to one complete, homogeneous body. / PROGRAM The apartment design is based on functional aspects and space created by circles. Level I. Day zone formed by open space of living room with light spiral stairs leading to mezzanine; dining room, kitchen with round kitchen island and fully build up furniture / wardrobe along wall, circle element with toilet and work zone. Light steel stairs doesn’t delimit space, but diversify it, creating interesting element against a background of (two storey high)wall. The wall finishing – rhythmic arranged / composed panels. In the living room there are some freely arrange poufs, emphasized freedom and informality of interior design. Open space plans penetrates each other and with loosely located elements - in every part of the flat creates different, unique views. Level II. Mezzanine is a private zone for their inhabitants. Design continue ideological assumption of the project. Here there are: spacious bedroom with big round bed, bathroom and wardrobe for two people. This level is an open space plan, intimacy is given by round elements of bathroom and wardrobe. / MATERIALS AND COLOURS To vest apartment with coherent character three leading materials was chosen. “Thread” wrapping round whole apartment – is made of bent-wood, as an accent in interior. Rest of elements are extinguish – that’s why we decided to finish it into the white color. Spiral stairs, walls finishing, ceilings, furniture - there all are white.

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