Clinic Bellavista

Clinic Bellavista

Carlos Martinez Architekten
Speicher, Switzerland
Project Year

Petra Rainer

Clinic Bellavista

Carlos Martinez Architekten as Architects

Clear appearance The design of the Ophthalmic Clinic was focused around importance of the historic heritageof the site. Wherein the battle of Vögelinsegg in 1403, the people from Appenzell, Switzerland attained their independence. Out of this significance, a rock-like volume was developed that reminds of the steadinessof earlier times.

The building towersneatly above the terrain edge and opens itself towards the lake of Constance. Despite its remarkable size, the black-coloured building represses itself and at the same time follows the slope’s topography with three kinks. The stacked surface of the dark pigmented fair-facedconcrete strengthens the stone-liked character of the form. The compactness of the building dematerializes in the middle part through a horizontally running window belt. The entire hospital is located in this section.The glazing provides a rhythmical structuring of the façade and gives the building a clear appearance and a kind of lightness. All rooms for therapy and patientsas well as the new equipped OPs are located in the north and provide outlooks without conceding insights. Room-high windows offer natural lightning conditions and visually draw in the environment into the inside of the building. Electronic tintable glass can be used at the push of a button and allow – especially for sensitive eyes – to dim out the room.

Four exquisite luxury apartments are located on the top of the hospital. There you can find the same architectural language of a reduced palette of materials and strong relations between inside and outside.

The building exceedsthrough a stunning sequence of rooms and a coherent formal and substanced expression. The clinic is in service since October 2016 and is a successful example ofhow a structure directly addressesthe conditions of the task and the challenges of the site. In addition to the interplay between history and contemporary,most importantly it is the outstanding quality that makes the hospital an extraordinary building.

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