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The CML project is the renovation renovation of a 598m² beach house in IporangaBeach, Brasil - and its objective was to create a more efficient distribution and use of environments.


The result was a functional program, without excesses, with a casual living, integrated with the internal dining room - both connected to the outside area, which is widely used by the owners. Before the renovation, the pool was on the lower floor of the house, away from the living area.


One of the great challenges was to raise the pool part to the level of the social area, creating integration, for that, the architect used 6 to 8 meters pillars to create the foundation of the new structure, the deck and the pool area, which are entirely new areas.


A redistribution of floors was formed, on the ground floor were the pool, kitchen, living and home theather. On the lower floor, the sauna, jacuzzi and service area were allocated.


Finally, all intimate area positioned on the upper floor. The project as a whole combines the tastes of the owners with the language of the architect - it is full of textures, such as porcelain tiles with a stoned look, and the use of Moledo on the ground floor, materials that tend to soften the effects of the salt air on the property.


The entire window frame was renovated, creating internal and external integration, which was the desire of the owners - that's why the architect invested in large openings, Home Theater in the middle of the green area, expansion of the kitchen and other measures. In total, the house has 4 bedrooms, three of which have a mezzanine in each, as usual, the space accommodates a couple. That is, it is possible to receive families in one room of the house, which encourages residents to receive more and more guests at home.


The party was looking for the greatest possible reflection of light inside, so the architect opted for white practically in every space, from wall, ceiling - every visual field. On the floor, the architect opts for a shade of sand, making reference even to the sand on the beach, talking to the external environment. The entrance facade resumes this intention even with the use of wood and stone. The frames bring a shade of brown corten, while the pool brings Palimanan stones, with a soft touch.


Material Used:

1. Moledo Stone

2. Palimanan Stone

3. Dpot Brasil

4. EmDois Design

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