Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC, Australia
Project Year
Christine Wood


ElvinTan as Architects

Co-Hanh interior design is inspired by the vibe, hustle and bustle of street life of Vietnam. Our exploration of organised chaos of Vietnamese streets has been cultivated to create a unique dining experience, the samples sensory overload, with touches of brightness, hot, noisy excitement and cosy spaces for escape.

Design: ElvinTan Design (Melbourne Australia)

Built: JNT Building Co



Authentic Vietnamese street food vibe re-imagined in a contemporary context



Authentic street vibe without theming especially in new built site.



The generously wide street frontage of the creates an opportunity for the interior to become part of the street, blurring the lines between interior and exterior as our idea of street activation.


Spatial Planning:

Forms follow function. We have created an open layout that works with the long and narrow space where it is versatile and can evolved based on the client's business needs.



Due to the budget limitations, we chose the most impactful and bold colours and curated lighting design to create something unique, fun, memorable and most importantly to have its own identity and street appeal.


Flexible Layout:

An open plan layout to allow different dining configurations based on the customers' and client's need


Uniquely Co-Hanh:

Evocative spaces with a touch of Vietnam. Our vision was to encapsulate the brand through an interior that is unique and different, yet authentic. We understand that no two venues are the same Ð in fact, we like it that way



A layout that takes consideration of the smooth work flow between the kitchen, bar and show kitchen. Due to the current restaurant trends, we also allowed a space for food delivery pickups which will not obstruct the diners.



Co-Hanh is designed to indulge the nostalgia for amazing experiences, of authentic foods, family, community history. Upon entry, one will be immediately transported to the old-time authenticity of Vietnam in a contemporary ambience.


Innovative and excellent design practice:

Colour and lighting can alter our perceptions, which is what we took advantage of. To create an illusion, we have collaborated with Lighting space to curate the lighting to lure our eyes to travel continuously around the space and discover. This made the room appear more spacious and where boundaries disappear and form a c continuous canvas. But most importantly to re-imagined the vibe, hustle and bustle of street life of Vietnam.

Project Credits
Builder - Shopfitters
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