Coffee shop in Strasbourg

Coffee shop in Strasbourg

Dominique Coulon & associés
2 place des meuniers, 67000 Strasbourg, France
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Coffee shop in Strasbourg

Dominique Coulon & associés as Architects

This small coffee shop is in the Petite France, a very touristy area in the heart of the historic centre of Strasbourg,on a square produced by bombing during the Second World War. The building housing the coffee shopdates back to the reconstruction period in the 1950s.A Beautiful lime tree stands in front of the coffee shop, providing the generously-sized terrace with cooling shade. The outdoor furniture in shades of green can be arranged in many different formations, all harmoniously consistent with the tree.The coffee shop stands three steps higher than the square, clearly visible to passers-by through the five arches that make up the facade.

We designed the coffee shop as a bright white homogeneous box,accentuating its visibility and power of attraction. The curve of the arches becomes a geometric theme: repeated throughout the space, the curves and counter-curves resonate with each other.The plaster panel appears detached from its wall, threading its way through the café until it reaches a final curve on the covered front steps, inviting passers-by to come in. Inside, the existing staircase has been retained and its opaque guardrail transformed into a feature in the composition of the coffee shop's layout. The eating counter offers an unsupported horizontal linelooking out over the square.

The untreated materials in light colours (speckled white terrazzo for the floor and counter, plaster facing on the walls, white paint and acoustic insulation sprayed on the false ceilings, etc) capture the light and create a milky ambience.Unusual exotic plants cheer upthe place.

The coffee shopbecomes a sleek cocoon, a lantern,totally at odds with present-day standards.

Product Specifications
HunsingerExterior and interior joinery
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