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COFFICE Budapest

COFFICE Budapest

Vitkovics Mihály utca 8, Hungary | View Map
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Bálint Jaksa Photography

COFFICE Budapest

GASPARBONTA & Partners as Designers

COFFICE is a multi-layered initiative. The core concept is a smart combination of a laid-back coffee shop, a co-working space and a bar, in the same space. Sounds easy.

Each function happens at a different time of day, while the size and openness of the spaces needed by the users keep on varying and yet they need to represent different moods. Still, with the continuity, it has a certain coziness for the ones who do the studying during daytime and an alternative for the ones having a cocktail at night, for a place to study, work or tho have a coffee during the day. Work, drink, sleep, repeat.

This is all linked together by various elements from the contemporary interior design of offices and bars, industrial solutions with raw materials and airy, light colors, geometric patterns appear at the same time. The layout, the different more 'open' and more 'closed' spaces and the ability to fine tune the lighting systems all make this an open-minded, easily changeable place, what can adjust perfectly to the ever-changing needs of its users, allowing it to be a likable, cozy place.

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