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College & Community Center
Roger Frei, Zürich
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ManufacturersCréation Baumann
ManufacturersFluora Leuchten AG

Product Spec Sheet
by Duravit
by Alape
by Cinca

School and Municipal Centre

2b architectes as Architects

The design goes beyond simply extending the school building. Instead, it strengthens the character and status of the existing system as a public space, a school and a municipal center.

The building acts in the spirit of a “vertical network structure” by playing with the special topography of the area to connect the existing levels and uses. It is complemented by extended pathways in the exterior area. These new connections spatially reorder access to the school premises and create additional exterior spaces. The covered playground now acts as the main entrance to the school facing the village. The new section picks up on the formal and material vocabulary of the existing building and presents itself as a large grid of raw concrete with a mineral quality. This automatic form results from the defining dimensions of the existing building, with its different floor heights. The project complements the different levels of the older building and connects it with the new section.

The façade – both visually transparent and a stage of constant change – plays on presenting an element of everyday domestic life: the curtain, which can be alternately perceived as a veil, light protection and as an element that has been set in motion.


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Copper Cube Haus
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