Cutting EDGE house

ACCESS design lab as Architects

Located in a small alley just 1.2m wide and a typical building site in Hanoi, (cutting) EDGE house was built with the desire to create a living space that best suits a young family of 4 members, the place will become a peaceful place for the whole family.


Respect, Harmonize and Maximize the Context:

Cutting area EDGE house has a high construction density, lack of open public spaces and greenery, limited access (dead end and small) and only one open surface, so it needs Respect, Harmonize and Maximize the Context to give advantage to the project.


(cutting) EDGE house is designed inward to the approach, where there is a vacant garden that is not allowed to be built due to planning road in the future and also has the clearest view due to the low density of the building.


In the front of the cutting (EDGE) EDGE house is arranged one void from the first floor to the third floor to make a buffer space, reduce noise and heat radiation, at the end of the house there is another void up to the roof, these two spaces have connected to the opening living room, kitchen and dining room in the first floor to provide natural light and natural ventilation for the whole project.


The higher floors are exposed to more sunlight, so in (cutting) EDGE houses, we see that the upper floors use less glass, instead of the higher density of masonry walls to reduce heat and glare for the indoor spaces.


Connecting People with people - people with nature, saving energy:

In today's modern life, the common trend is that each individual will have a private room with full facilities to work, study and relax, so family members are less and less connected with each other. Therefore, (cutting) EDGE house is designed to maximize the common space such as dining room, guest room, studio and study room, living room, library, buffer space .... and minimizing private spaces (only 2 bedrooms - 20% of the functional area), thereby increasing the interaction and connections of all family members.


Because of the lack of outside green space, (cutting) EDGE house has arranged the indoor green space with gardens, trees & aquariums on each floor and roof to improve indoor microclimate, and connecting people and nature.

(cutting) EDGE house also aims to save energy in the building with only 35% of the area using air conditioning, including 1 studio and 2 bedrooms.


Creating Beauty in the Restrictions of Objective Factors:

In the context of limitations due to objective factors such as context, building plot and surrounding people, any architectural work must be aesthetics. (cutting) EDGE house, too, with well-thought-out block cuts, elegant colors and reasonable lighting, to harmonize with the background and still create its own unique.


(cutting) EDGE house is a project in which everyone can see every corner is designed for their living, in which every member can connect to nature,  connect with each other and connect with a unique building.

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