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Decapsuleur project in Montreal

Packsac Studio as Designers

The mandate consisted of developing a boutique that would sell quebecer microbrewery beers and bulk food that was not only aesthetic, but above all functional. We began by developing the design of a visual identity. Then, we arranged the space and produced the technical plans for the construction. Which led us to create a showcase website allowing the “décapsulateur” to have an online presence. The objective of Packsac Studio is to have consistency between the graphic design, the architectural design as well as the web design in order to strengthen the power of the brand.

The visual identity of the “Décapsuleur” is distinguished by the graphic element which represents a bottle of cold beer. The cap next to it makes a parallel with the meaning of the nominal. As for the typographie of the name, this evokes the outline fonts of the retro style neon light displays. The descriptive slogan summarizes the specialty of the place in a functional way.

With the aim of highlighting the bottles of microbreweries as well as their labels, we have created a space where the customer’s experience takes place through curved volumetry. The rather neutral tone of the Russian birch plywood, as well as, the concrete makes it possible to attenuate the visual noise created by the usual geometry of the space. These geometric shapes are inspired by postmodernism by the curves found in the wood, in the counter and in the lights, as well as by the grid created by the ceramics on the wall.

The slats were positioned in order to hide the mechanics of the strongly imposing ceiling. In addition, they symbolize the folders that can be found in a filing cabinet since the beers are classified by distinctive categories.

To further optimize the space, it was important to create a second utility at strategic locations, such as access to the back store which was concealed by a sliding display shelf. The access to the mechanical room was concealed by a swiveling presentation shelf and a sliding shelf was inserted into the structure in order to create exclusivity for high end products.

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