Dr. Lam Dental Clinic

Dr. Lam Dental Clinic

Studio Samuelov
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Uzi Porat

Dr. Lam Dental Clinic

Studio Samuelov as Architects

When Dr. Lam told us to design their dental care practice we immediately set two goals: to create a space that is friendly and pleasant to users and that also reflects the innovative character of the company, which uses the most updated technology in the field. The lobby is a calm but interesting space, with some touches of special lighting and decorative 3D elements. For the rest of the spaces we chose a sober design, with interesting although discreet design elements.



BONA DEA 98.5 / 98.5 cm matte concrete floor tile

Brushing wall cladding: PLAY EDGE MIX 20/20 multicolor tile

Carpentry cladding + furniture - wood carpentry

Green wall element - natural moss from DecoMoss - Decoram


Central space: LAMELA-L aluminum metal words with woodcut by Hecht Ephraim


Hecht Ephraim Perforated Tin Drop In Semi-Recessed Tin Model D-170 White Painted Diamond Cutting + Black Fleece on Fine Line Construction

Lighting: Ilana Kalfon

Chairs: Pick Up United Seats

Office Desks: Global Technion


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