Ecodistrict Wäschbour

Ecodistrict Wäschbour

Artau Architectures
Arlon, Belgium | View Map
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Ecodistrict Wäschbour

Artau Architectures as Architects

The project is part of the policy to create medium size dwelling in Wallonia and is located at the western entrance of the city Arlon. The Wäschbour site is supposed to accommodate 221 living units in an ecodistrict. A community house will be available for the community and will bring life to the central place. The Avenue de Pitburg will be rehabilitated into a wooded urban promenade. The main entrance of the ecodistrict is created as a new square in front of the existing crèche.

Different play areas and landscaped fittings bring life into the promenades and vennels which run throughout the blocs of the district.

The ecodistrict follows the principles of sustainable development. The district, which is located within a green area, is established around the central place that constitutes the main meeting point for the inhabitants. The different parts of the district, which can be reached via several « gentle mobility » zones (tempo 30 zones, pedestrian streets, cycle paths) provide a social and generational mix thanks to the different offered accommodation types. The creation of semi-public zones as play and meeting areas is foreseen for the green zones of the district within the block of houses.

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