Edificio Valle de Tena

Edificio Valle de Tena

Tourillon Arquitectura
Panticosa, Huesca, Spain | View Map
Project Year
Private Houses
Iñaki Bergera
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Laminate flooring – Egger Pro 10/32 LongEGGER Wood-based materials
Cerámic flooring – Othello clayCERDOMUS
Wood pergola (car parking)Egoin
ManufacturersLEDS C4
Emergency lightingNormalux

Product Spec Sheet
Laminate flooring – Egger Pro 10/32 Long
Cerámic flooring – Othello clay
Wood pergola (car parking)
by Egoin
by LEDS C4
Emergency lighting

Edificio Valle de Tena

Tourillon Arquitectura as Architects

Transformation of a 1975 Mountain Hotel converted into a residential building with nine housing units and storage rooms. 


The four-storey Hotel, in operation until September 2017, was intact, having not been subject to any intervention since its construction; both its facilities and its image (interior and exterior), had become outdated or directly obsolete. However, the constructive quality of the building showed a high potential of adaptability for its transformation.


The reinforced concrete structure, the entire staircase and the exterior wall enclosures were preserved; a few specifics structural interventions were carried out in addition to new openings (or expansion of existing ones) in the facades. Planning constraints did not allow for an increase in the existing volume.


Adaptation to the new use + improvement of energy efficiency

A complete interior redistribution was carried out that gives rise to nine apartments of different typologies, all of them open in a minimum of two - most of them three - orientations, and with open and spacious living space.


The energy efficiency of the building was improved by strengthening the insulation, replacing of windows and renovating the facilities and heating system.


Formal adaptation + renovation of the exterior image

The original facades with painted mortar coating offered a poor and outdated image. Given the strict aesthetic standards in this mountain area, and having necessarily to work with “traditional” materials of the region, we choose to provide modernity through the way of arranging, treating and placing them. The stone is placed exclusively on the front facades (street sides) that are framed by the lateral facades (east and west) of charred wood. The chromatic continuity between the wooden facades and the slate roof reinforces and completes the desired enveloping effect.


The covered outdoor car park is solved by a mixed structure of steel and wood that offers a foreground to the main building behind.


Material Used :
1. Egger – Laminate flooring – Egger Pro 10/32 Long
2. Vives Cerámica – Kitchen and bathroom tiles - Kerala
3. Cerdomus – Cerámic flooring – Othello clay
4. Rubio&Lauré S.L. – Carbonated wood ventilated facade cladding
5. Leds C4 – Wall lamps
6. Roca - Sanitary ware – Meridian, Khroma
7. Egoin – Wood pergola (car parking)
8. Carpintería Hnos Galarraga S.L. – Wood windows
9. Normalux – emergency lighting 

10. Carbel - Cassette fireplace - Kronos 80

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